True to life cinema experience BE the movie


Unprecedented gaming experience


Compatible with SmartPhones between 5-6 inches both Android and iOS




Glass H1

Built-in 9-axis sensor | Sampling frequency can reach 1000Hz and less than 10ms latency

The World’s First 9-axis motion sensor VR gear. Dlodlo H1 algorithms and head tracking intuits movement for a seamless experience installing into our SDK, with 1000Hz sampling frequency rate, and less than 1ms latency, Smart Phones with better refresh rates will have a smoother image, tremendously reducing the duration of effects on vision.

Artificial biomimetic optical design for the highest quality image

We have created a unique artificial optical design mimicking the human eye itself.


360 degrees of immersive VR experience

With a 9-axis sensor and highly accurate pre-set algorithm based on the SmartPhone’s gyros and precise head motion tracking, and a wider field of view reaching between 100° to 120° depending upon the size of the user’s device


Proximity sensors automatically trigger home page

A highly sensitive proximity sensor is built in to the inside of the Dlodlo Glass H1 that automatically triggers the device to open to the home page.


A humanized back button and touch panel design. A new world is a touch away.

With a humanized ergonomic back button and touch panel design, a fast and precise configuration of the 9-axis sensor mapping head motions allows  the user to quickly jump in, and freely operate the cursor in our interface with accuracy, and step into the world of your dreams in moments, in comfort, and with a sincere sense of Presence.


Precision focusing system

High precision built-in focusing system supporting up to 700 degrees of myopia