Xunison Partners with Rexense for Zigbee Smart Home Solutions

Xunison Partners with Rexense for Zigbee Smart Home Solutions

DUBLIN, Ireland, Nov 8, 2019 – Xunison, provider of smart home and connected life solutions, announced a new partnership with Zhejiang Raying IoT Technology Co., Ltd., operating under the brand name Rexense, to develop smart home solutions using the Zigbee protocol.

Rexense offers industry-leading Zigbee/IEEE802.15.4 technology and solutions. Their products include a full range of Zigbee wireless communication modules, as well as home, building, and security sensors. Under the agreement, Rexense will supply Zigbee modules and other hardware to Xunison for their BriteLink Suite of smart home and connectivity solutions. Xunison will provide software and application support to Rexense to make their hardware easy to integrate, manage, and support.

“The Zigbee standard has a broad market adoption rate in smart home, commercial, utility, and lighting industries,” said Ryan O’Donovan, CEO and co-founder of Xunison. “We’re happy to work with Rexense to expand our BriteHub capabilities and BriteLink accessory catalog, allowing us to offer the industry’s most flexible, high quality, and easy-to-use smart home solutions on the market.”

“Our BriteLink solutions use Zigbee, Z-wave, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, and many other protocols, to support virtually any standards-based device for connectivity and smart home management. Our software expertise, combined with their reliable communications modules, will ensure Internet and Communications Service Providers get outstanding value from their Xunison investments,” said Ilya Boyko, vice president of technology at Xunison.

For more information about BriteLink solutions, visit www.xunison.com.

Xunison gives Internet and Communications Service Providers the only end-to-end connected life solution without compromises. The BriteLink Suite includes innovative hardware and software components, such as: BriteHub, the all-in-one, fully customizable router; BriteCare, the cloud-based platform for managing and supporting connected devices; BriteKey, the easy-to-use consumer application, and a host of smart accessories. Xunison’s focus on quality, security, simplicity, and flexibility ensures ISPs and CSPs can offer convenient, high-value connected life solutions to make every home smarter and every customer happier.

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