Xunison Delivers End-to-End BriteLink Suite for ISPs

Xunison BriteLink Suite that's offers complete Smart Home Solutions

Xunison, provider of smart home and connected life solutions, announced their BriteLink™ Suite, an end-to-end solution that allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to deliver high quality Wi-Fi connectivity and easy-to-use smart home automation capabilities to their subscribers.

ISPs are facing shrinking margins associated with the increasingly saturated market for broadband service. The opportunity to increase revenue and customer retention by entering the smart home market is attractive to ISPs, but existing products are highly fragmented, imposing burdens on customer support, inventory management, and complex set up requirements that frustrate consumers.

To address these challenges, Xunison has created a fully integrated solution, the BriteLink Suite, that improves and extends Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity for subscribers, while adding easy-to-use smart home, entertainment, energy management, parental controls, and home network security features. The solution also addresses the customer care needs of ISPs through a back-end management platform, and a consumer management application that works on mobile devices or Android TVs for subscriber self-service.

The BriteLink™ Suite consists of these components:

• BriteHub™ All-In-One Routers – Built exclusively with Qualcomm chips, these modern, high-performance devices are configurable to support any combination of Wi-Fi Mesh, 4G/5G, smart home, IPTV, and other premium services out of the box.

• BriteCare™ Management Platform – An integrated, cloud-based platform offering streamlined provisioning, configuration, device management, network intelligence, and customer service workflows for comprehensive, remote support of home networks and connected devices.

• BriteKey™ Consumer Application – A customizable mobile and TV app lets consumers manage connectivity, smart home devices, energy consumption, parental controls, over-the-top (OTT) content, cyber security, and more, from an easy-to-use interface, available using a smartphone or smart TV.

• BriteStore™ Online Store – An online shopping experience that is fully customizable, allowing ISPs to sell their own products, partner products, or advertising space, while making it easy for subscribers to add the latest smart devices to their home network.

• BriteLink™ Accessories – A complete catalog of smart devices, cameras, plugs, sensors, and more, all offered with custom branding and packaging.

“At Xunison, we are committed to building our solutions with uncompromising quality, security, simplicity and flexibility so ISPs – and their subscribers – will receive the best possible value from their smart home and connected living investments,” said Ryan O’Donovan, CEO and co-founder of Xunison. “Our BriteLink Suite can be completely customized for each ISP, allowing them to differentiate their services, promote their brands, and increase customer engagement and loyalty.”

BriteLink includes many unique advantages for ISPs, such as zero-touch device provisioning, secure home network monitoring, integration with any standards-based smart home device, and the ability to activate new features for subscribers over the air. The back-end solution is deployed via private cloud, which can be on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or any other cloud service preferred by the ISP.

For more information about the BriteLink Suite, visit www.xunison.com.

About Xunison

Xunison gives Internet and Communications Service Providers the only end-to-end connected life solution without compromises. The BriteLink Suite includes innovative hardware and software components, such as: BriteHub, the all-in-one, fully customizable router; BriteCare, the cloud-based platform for managing and supporting connected devices; BriteKey, the easy-to-use consumer application, and a host of smart accessories. Xunison’s focus on quality, security, simplicity, and flexibility ensures ISPs and CSPs can offer convenient, high-value connected life solutions to make every home smarter and every customer happier.

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