Xunison Advantages Over Competition

Xunison may be relatively young, but we understand the issues troubling consumers since the dawn of computers. We want consumers to get the maximum value of connected living.

But how are we different from other tech-based companies?

Highly – Integrated Products

According to studies, an average household in the United States has 25 connected devices within 14 different categories. These include smart home devices, smartphones, wired headphones, video streaming devices, and fitness trackers. However, 31% of Americans reportedly feel overwhelmed by the number of devices they need to manage. As a result, many frustrated consumers simply don’t link devices together, preventing them from experiencing the value of a connected system.

Xunison acknowledges this problem by providing easy-to-use, all-in-inclusive products, such as the BriteLink™ Suite.

The BriteLink™ Suite Suits offers the following:

BriteHub™ All-in-One Routers

This multi-functional allows you to choose any combination of features through a single device. It ensures stable connections throughout your home using Wi-Fi-Mesh and 4G/5G LTE. Don’t worry if you already have wireless communication in place because it’s compatible with Z-Wave, ZigBee, BLE, and Android devices. You can also keep track of and manage the energy consumption of all connected devices.

Have you got kids at home? BriteHub™ takes parental control to a whole new level by allowing regular online activities. You can restrict certain domains and categories and set access times.

Additionally, Xunison devices are pre-provisioned. This means consumers can automatically connect once the devices have powered up. There’s no need for consumers to wait for a technician—which is a selling point for Internet Service Providers.

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BriteCare™ Customer Care Portal

BriteCare™ is a cloud-based platform hosted by Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, etc. It is designed to help you manage all connected life solutions from a single interface.

Consumers can enjoy fast and easy onboarding because the devices are deployable. It can be handled faster if you encounter an issue because there’s full remote administration. The easy-to-use interface and self-help features also lessen the burden of your customer care department.

BriteCare™ allows your devices and apps to work together seamlessly with the highest level of security. Xunison also implements full GDPR compliance across its networks.

Helps You Build a Strong Brand

Branding is a vital part of business, even for technology-based companies. There’s a lot of competition today, so you need to work harder to get noticed. Strong branding will draw and retain consumer attention and properly position yourself in the field as a provider of better products/services.

Internet Services Providers can take advantage of the fully customizable hardware from Xunison. It comes with connected features and smart protocols that suit the standard offering of ISPs. Our devices are also available in branded packaging to help you become more distinguishable. 

Some of the white label devices we offer include:

  • Battery Cameras
  • Outdoor Cameras
  • Doorbells
  • Contact Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Smoke Sensor
  • Gas Sensor
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Leak Sensor
  • Siren Alarm
  • RGB Bulb
  • Smart Plug

An Array of Easy-to-Deploy Solutions for All Lifestyles

BriteKey™ is an easy-to-use mobile app that lets consumers monitor and manages connected devices. Through this app, you can see how devices are being used, set parental controls, and implement network security protocols. You can also diagnose connection issues and conduct online shopping.

BriteKey™ can reduce customer support demands because consumers can perform more tasks independently. These include fixing connection problems, resetting passwords, and connecting new devices.

Consumers can maximize the connected services because there are convenient ways to manage devices, accessibility, energy, etc. Because of this, consumers are more likely to continue their subscription with you.

More Income Opportunities

From the all-inclusive router, you can expand the offer to other products and services available in the BriteStore™. Our integrated e-store is curated to appeal to subscribers with different interests.

At Xunison, we strive to understand the constantly evolving requisites of the modern world. Our objective is to provide genuinely smart home products and services without compromises. The key is to give consumers more power over their devices without dealing with too many wires and buttons.

With strong alliances, we are continuously enhancing our products and services to ride the rapid technological change.

If you’re looking for customizable, convenient solutions that can boost branding, contact us now.

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