Xunison: Who We Work With

Xunison aims to improve the quality of life by providing connected life solutions at the most affordable prices. We reach customers directly or through our partners.

Xunison and Saudi Telecom Company

From our humble beginnings in Dublin back in 2016, we are consistently expanding to other parts of the world. Last October, we entered an agreement with Saudi Arabia’s leading telecom service, Saudi Telecom Company. We will become their exclusive developer and supplier of the latest consumer communications and smart home software. This is one of the steps STC has taken as they advance their consumer proposition.

Xunsion have signed an agreement with Saudi Telecom Company

At the same time, it aligns with Xunison’s vision for Saudi Arabia, and the wider MENA region is the centre of our growing customer base.

At Xunison, we use effective development and production methods to create customisable and convenient solutions. Our innovative designs do not compromise flexibility, security, capability, and overall quality. We fully understand that the world has evolved rapidly in the past decade, and we want consumers to have a smooth transition. We enhance and simplify daily activities, entertainment, security, etc., through our highly-integrated devices, mobile applications, and a SaaS management platform.

The strategic partnership of Xunison and STC will allow people in the MENA region to access the latest qualcomm chipsets, Wi-Fi mesh, and Z-Wave & Zigbee smart home capabilities.

Xunison and Access Twine™

Last October 2019, Xunison also partnered with the Japan-based company ACCESS CO., LTD. This partnership combined the Xunison X-Brain and ACCESS Twine™ for Smart Home Platform that allows seamless integration of Internet of Things (IoT) and multimedia devices. The unified solution offers a single mobile application easier access and control over multimedia services, energy management devices, surveillance cameras, and other household devices.

We saw the need to offer a complete solution because many consumers are confused and exhausted from jumping from one application to another. By integrating Xunison’s X-brain and ACCESS Twine™ for Smart Home, you can now have a truly smart and secure home that can be managed remotely. Furthermore, you can secure the system using voice and facial recognition. Parental control is also applicable to integrated devices.

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Private citizens and businesses may contact us to discuss how our products can be integrated into your daily activities and offerings.

We can supply Distributors and Value-add Resellers with reliable and customisable smart home solutions. Through our steadfast production, reliable delivery methods, competitive pricing models, and outstanding sales support, we can help fast-track your sales cycle.

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