Meet Xunison at the BIG 5G Event

Meet Xunison at the BIG 5G Event! We are at the B306 Stand

Texas’ BIG 5G Event is fully back IN-PERSON after two painstakingly long years of disruption. The event will be taking place from May 16 to May 18 in Austin, Texas, at the Austin Convention Center and we are also extremely excited and proud to announce that Xunison will be attending the grand affair this year! We hope to see and meet users and other fellow industry partners during the BIG 5G Event, so mark the date on your calendars! Come and see us at the B306 Stand.

What is the BIG 5G Event?

The BIG 5G Event tradeshow lasts for three days and covers all the trendiest topics in the telecom industry. This year, the key topics that will be featured in the event are 6G, women in telecoms and 5G Security. Telecom companies and businesses are given the opportunity to connect with the industry, acquire valuable advice from leading experts and discover the latest innovations driving 5G technology.

Attendees will learn about 5G applications for consumer and enterprise, private 5G networks, mobile edge computing, securing the 5G network and 6G research and advancements! Xunison aims to connect with industry peers, take advantage of all the expert advice and learn more about how to further improve our services.

Xunison and 5G

Xunison has already tapped into 5G technology in the form of BriteHub — All-in-one intelligent routers. Our multi-function BriteHub routers offer Wifi 6 Mesh and optional 4G/5G LTE functionalities, fully prepared for the upcoming 5G trend.

With the potential possibility of 5G replacing or augmenting existing fixed line networks, companies like Xunison, ISPs and operators need to begin offering services that support the fifth-generation mobile network. 5G technology offers appealing internet speeds and more cost-effective pricing for home internet connections. It enables higher multi-Gbps data speeds, higher download speeds, the lowest latency levels, a massive network capacity, and overall, a more efficient user experience.

And with top speakers such as Neville Ray from T-Mobile, Andre Fuetsch from AT&T, and Debika Bhattacharya from Verizon Business, we aim to gain valuable information that will help us in enhancing our 5G services for customers and deliver on the 5G promise. T-mobile and Verizon are also now offering 5G home internet plans within certain areas, and they aim to expand the coverage.