How can ISPs improve their customer stickiness and brand loyalty?

ISPs or internet service providers offer a variety of services to their customers, including establishing internet connectivity, maintaining the network infrastructure and other web services. Although there is an abundance of ISPs and operators nowadays due to our increasing dependence on the internet and Wifi technology, customers prefer a select few companies and providers. So what makes the difference between a great ISP and just a good one? The key is customer satisfaction. Offering services is not enough. ISPs and operators must ensure their services are effective and well-managed, along with implementing efficient customer service.

The above-mentioned measures will help maintain ideal profits and revenue and increase customer stickiness and brand loyalty two vital factors of any successful business. Keep on reading to find out what customer stickiness actually is, how it helps increase brand loyalty for users and why ISPs and operators should focus on this necessary concept.

What are customer stickiness and brand loyalty?

Customer stickiness is the level of commitment and loyalty customers have toward a business and refers to a brand’s ability to keep customers coming back. It’s often measured through repeat purchases, brand advocacy, and the referral of other customers. Brand loyalty is a subset of customer stickiness that refers to the tendency of consumers to repeatedly purchase products and services from a single business instead of using the offerings of competitors. It signals the strength of customers’ emotional connection to a brand. Brand loyalty is often earned through the delivery of superior customer experiences and the provision of unique value to consumers.

Both concepts are important because they help companies build long-term relationships with customers, which is a key part of building a successful business. Together, they represent how well a brand generates repeat purchases and generates word-of-mouth referrals.


Benefits of customer stickiness and brand loyalty for ISPs

Creating a ‘sticky’ experience for your customers will prove to be very fruitful and translates into a recipe for growth. Through customer stickiness techniques, ISPs and operators will be able to turn leads into buyers and transform the typical one-time buyer into lifelong, loyal customers. But first, it’s important to understand just how much customer stickiness and brand loyalty positively impact your company.

Expand business through referrals

One of the main advantages of customer stickiness and brand loyalty is referrals. Referral programs are perfect for getting the most out of existing satisfied customers. When your current customers feel valued, appreciated and heard, they surely won’t hesitate to refer you further to other potential customers. And you can acquire most customers through existing ones without the need to invest in marketing, ads and sales.

Helps in churn reduction

Two birds — one arrow. By ensuring you have a certain level of customer stickiness, you can naturally reduce churn and increase customer loyalty. If customer satisfaction levels are optimal, there will be no reason for them to leave. Thus, customer stickiness is the perfect way for ISPs and operators to fight off churn.

It’s important to note that churn will never come down to 0, and there will always be some customers that leave no matter what. However, through customer stickiness and brand loyalty, you’ll definitely be able to hold your loyal customers for longer.

How can ISPs increase customer stickiness and brand loyalty?

It is no doubt that the market is currently oversaturated. If ISPs and operators want high levels of customer retention and loyalty, they must offer the utmost unique and consistent experience. This means increasing the quality of your services and staying at the top of your game. Here are some useful tips to help internet service providers improve customer service and achieve customer stickiness.

Equip the customer service team

As reiterated above, customer service must go above and beyond for any business to retain loyal customers. The same goes for ISPs and operators. No matter how fast the internet connectivity is, if issues arise and are not solved effectively and efficiently, you’re bound to lose customers. Therefore, ensuring that the customer service department is top-notch is crucial. Customer service representatives should take note of emerging trends on how to aid their customers more conveniently. Companies like Xunison offer ISPs and operators BriteCare — a secure, cloud-based management platform that makes customer onboarding, support, and add-ons a breeze.

Offer a variety of value-added services and perks

Over time, it’s important for ISPs and operators to keep their services fresh and innovative. Having a multitude of products and services not only contributes to customer stickiness but also improves brand loyalty — customers rely on fewer providers to cover their communication needs. Overall, this increases ARPU (average revenue per user) as well, and you can use value-added services to retain more customers.

Xunison excels in offering value-added services, along with its base products, such as parental controls, streaming TV, energy management, and even an online store…all integrated, customizable, and easy to deploy.

Personalize your customers’ experience

For ISPs, implementing customer loyalty programs is crucial in achieving customer stickiness and brand loyalty. Offer your customers free trials, discounts and access to complimentary services once they ‘upgrade’ to higher packages. Customers generally respond well to loyalty programs and personalizing it according to each customer using analytics and insight data will help you propel user retention. Remember to keep your customer experience as unique as possible. Ideally, you want to offer them services and benefits that they cannot find elsewhere.