Having a clear idea about the smart home system will be the first step towards deciding whether you
want to transform your home and raise its intelligence.

Simply speaking, smart homes are homes that have electronic devices connected in a smart ecosystem which is controlled by the owner with the click of a button, either using a remote controller, mobile phone or any other device.

All the electronic devices and appliances that you want to take control over, need to be connected to a central hub like the X-Brain smart device is. When you connect desired devices to an X-Brain smart hub they start being under your control. When you install the smart home system into your home, you call the shots from any location.

1.Protect your property

You can secure your home in so many ways when you go smart. Smart homes, with their notifications systems and constant connection, allow users to immediately respond to any sudden situation. All you need to do is to equip potentially precarious places with smart sensors and connect them to the X-Brain smart device. You will have peace of mind with this smart device, knowing that you will be instantly notified via your phone if a dangerous situation occurs in your home. Prevent the possibility of disasters caused by ruptured water pipes, damaged faucets, fire, gas leakage…It’s a convenient way to protect yourself from harm and your home from expensive damage. The smart home system allows you to track what is happening in your house with your phone or tablet. You will always know when someone steps on your property or who is at your door. You can monitor and control smart systems, it even allows you to set your alarms or deactivate them remotely. So, whether you’re at work, or enjoying the vacation abroad, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can be “practically” present in your home.

2. Monitor those who matter the most

Besides security, parents, caring children, and pet owners are increasingly using surveillance technology to keep watch over their precious ones, and even interact with them via a device. Smart security systems can notify you about any activity on your property. Cameras enable you to monitor your home and your beloved ones inside, making sure they are safe at all times. You can receive a message when your kid comes back from school. You can check your elderly mother via security camera to ensure she took her medicines and she’s doing fine. You can also calm down your distressed puppy by talking to him through a device’s speaker.
he smart home provides new parents with complete freedom to move around the house and garden while monitoring the baby the whole time. Allows you to keep an eye on the baby at every single moment, day and night. While watching the content that the camera is recording (camera has a built-in speaker and microphone) it is possible to talk to your baby through your phone, which can be extremely useful to calm your baby if crying, until you come from another room.

3.. Energy Efficiency

Making your home “smart” means saving a significant amount of money on your energy bills despite having more connected smart devices, it is actually considered more energy efficient. Smart devices are environmentally friendly–in addition to their other benefits. With smart home system everything starts to be used intelligently: appliances, heating system, cooling system, lighting, etc… power is used more effectively to perform more chores. Temperature and lighting are adjusting automatically or switching off in empty premises. No more leaving basement lights on overnight or heating/cooling an empty room. You can schedule a temperature change according to the local weather forecast. You can do the same for lighting, scheduling them to turn off or on at certain times. Don’t worry it won’t come at a cost of your comfort. You’ll use less power to achieve more. An energy management feature uses smart technology to identify hours of large energy usage, wasted electricity, the biggest consumers…and enables you monitoring–you know how much energy is being used and when. It communicates with you and shows you peak-hours, and keeps track of energy-draining sources. It turns off appliances, lights, and devices when they are not being used.

4.Lighting control

Did you know that you can control your lights remotely, turn them on, turn them off, dim them, brighten, or change the colors of them from the comfort of your couch or when outside of the home? All that is possible and it is yet another feature of the X-Brain’s smart home. Lighting is the indispensable factor in creating a pleasant environment in your home. You can control the lighting according to your current activities and your mood. Any light that is connected to the system can be controlled individually or in groups. Motion sensors automatically turn off the lights when no one is in the room, and turn them on when someone enters the room. Your home can even control lights in a way that it appears occupied even while you’re away.

Lighting can be controlled via:

management applications on a mobile phone/tablet/ computer

– motion detection

– smart scene control
Lighting control can be included in the “smart scenes” and thus automated. Smart lighting management knows no boundaries. You can activate a lighting scene that emphasizes the beauty of your backyard, your living room, a certain piece of art, etc…. it’s just a matter of your imagination and ideas.
When you create a “smart scene” you can incorporate lighting, music, TV, temperature, blinds…and you will experience the highest level of comfort.
Exterior lighting can turn on and off in unison with the sunrise and sunset. Smart lighting control allows you to truly control your smart home’s energy usage. And most of all you will never need to worry about whether or not you have left the lights on. The X-Brain enables you a great and easy way to control the devices and ambiance of your home via remote control, an app on your phone, tablet or scene control… with the touch of a button from any location in the world.

5. Customizability

With the smart home system, your home knows you well and does everything according to your needs. The smart home is harmonized with your daily schedule and mood. Whether you want to turn the water heater or preheat the oven before you reach home, or increase the temperature in the room, you can do it with just a click on your mobile phone even when you’re away.
Your smart home is playing relaxing music and dimming the lights before it’s bedtime or turning on your coffee maker 5 mins before you wake up, blinds can also be programmed to open slowly at a certain time and much more. Your home is your ally, always trying to save your time and get you in the mood. Smart devices like X-Brain certainly elevate everything to the next level when it comes to efficiency and convenience. So even you are not at your smart home, or anywhere near it, you can quickly and easily adjust everything via the smart App.
6. Raise the value of your home
As the time passes “smart” features are becoming more and more expected from a future home. We all pretty much realized that IoT and smart homes are inevitably our future so it’s only expected and reasonable that people are willing to spend more money on a home already equipped with smart features. Which means that If you resell your property, you are very likely to get a very high return out of your investment. Having your house upgraded to a smart home will increase its value.

6. Ease

Along with all these conveniences and advantages, another important highlight is the simplicity of using
this. You can control everything, without any trouble or difficulty. You can easily manage these things. Just connect everything to the X-Brain smart hub and all you’ll need in the future will be a remote controller, your mobile phone or tablet. Even if you are not a very tech person, you will be able to understand how these things work very smoothly because it was made for everyone

7. Voice control for even more convenience

X-Brain Is compatible with Amazon Alexa, an AI system making life easier. When you are inside a certain range, you will be able to ask questions, perform searches and give orders, by simply speaking.
Smart homes are not just a new trendy thing, they are here to stay. If you want to upgrade yourself and
your house according to the global standards, this is something to invest in.