Xunison CES 2020

At “CES 2020” Xunison company exclusively presented 3 new devices with cutting edge smart features

All of the high-tech products enthusiasts were heading to Las Vegas these days, where this year’s consumer electronics trade show “CES” took place from the 7th – 10th of January. It is well known that the major players from the world of electronics always keep something special to exclusively present at the Consumer Electronics Show, which Xunison company did also. Visitors had the opportunity to get familiar with Xunison company and our smart products, which were presented at the booth 41917

This year Xunison presented 3 NEW X-Brain devices with Wi-Fi mesh, Smart Home, Energy Management, Cyber Security, Parental Control and OTT.

One of our representatives at CES was Suwan Long, Business Development Executive. Here is what her impressions are…

Suwan Long CES

-Suwan…How did you feel at the CES?

CES is the biggest tradeshow for all the innovative consumer electronics which you cannot miss it! Xunison had released a few of its products on CES 2020 this year. X-Brain V1 plus, X-Brain Smart Router and X-Brain Mesh router. All of Xunison’s products and its software have been praised by many industry experts, medias, investors and other exhibitors.

-What made the most impression on you?

The influence that the CES brings. It offered a chance for the people from all over the world to gathering all together, to present their own innovative products. There is no boundary between anyone, the only thing people cares is the technology, and the amazing products.

-What was our goal during the CES presentation?

Xunison’s goals are to meet our valuable business partners, find potential customers and learn more from other competitor and the market trends.

 -How many visitors were on our stand?

There are more than 800 people were on our stand during CES 2020.

 -What was the interest about our products?

Most of the visitors are interested about our products because they have never seen such highly integrated products. X-Series products integrated a high-performance router, a smart home gateway, along with energy management, cybersecurity and parental control features into one box. They not only support Z-Wave but also ZigBee, WiFi and Bluetooth smart home protocols.

 Xunison backend management platform got lots of attraction as well. There are lots of company who are developing their own gateway but none of them have start to develop the backend management platform for telecoms, installers, etc, to manage their customers. We already got a few requests from other smart home companies to license our backend system to them for customer services and support.

-Did we made some business opportunities / contacts?

We have find more than 150 business partners and potential customers who are willing to know more and cooperate with Xunison. All those who visited us were able to see for themselves how the automation and the use of modern technology can increase the comfort, safety and security of a home with a significant boost of energy efficiency

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our visitors for their interest, suggestions and new ideas.

If you did not have the opportunity to visit the trade show, you can find detailed information about all our devices on our site … https://business.xunison.com/all-devices/

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