You’ve probably been wondering if all those recently built hi-tech buildings are the only ones that can support the newest technology trends, and how cuould possibily an old home become a smart home…

All the commercials you saw usually display modern homes which look like they were built just yesterday. And you can’t help but think: “well my 30-year-old apartment could never support the cutting edge technology and become that intelligent”.

You might have believed that newer technology does not work in old homes, but that is not true, the age of your home does not matter – Xunison offers Smart Home for all homes.

Smart equipment can easily be installed in all houses and buildings – regardless of age. Actually old homes are the ones that need smart technology the most.

Older homes are usually poorer in isolation than newer buildings, which means they require more electricity to be heated or cooled. With smart products such as the X-Brain smart hub, you get the energy management feature and you can adjust the heating/cooling system according to your needs and thus save a lot of money. Also, X-Brain’s energy management will take care of peak hours and energy-draining devices, without compromising your comfort.

Generally, you only need power and a stable Wi-Fi network to create a smart home.  When smart devices have power and WiFi, they’re ready to make your everyday life better.

X-Brain has a built-in router for a long-range signal. It has a superb users interface, Dual Band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) WiFi antennas and provides the best possible experience, covering every single corner of your home with strong Wifi.

You might have to invest money in increasing the number of electrical sockets in order to create a full smart ecosystem (heating, cooling, locks, security, etc…) Start with small steps as fast as possible so you learn how smart home works.

You should keep in mind that every investment you make in your future smart home will make your home more attractive if you ever decide you want to sell it.

So, your house might be old, but it can become equally smart as any newer house.

Smart technology gives you better organized day and deprives you of stress

A busy day makes many feel stressed and unhappy, but if you assign a part of all those “small everyday tasks” to someone else, someone reliable, who will do everything according to your desires, you can focus on the things that really matter.

We’re sure that smart technology will easily become your favorite thing. When you realize how much it helps you free your time and even live a bit more balanced, productive and less stressful life. It’s maybe too strong to say that it will change your life completely, but it will for sure elevate your former lifestyle.

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