Contact Sensor

Alerts homeowner when a door or window has been opened

Xunison Contact Sensor

Product Introduction

Alerts homeowner when a door or window has been opened. Can trigger an alarm when paired with Siren Alarm. 

Door/window sensor, contact sensor, whatever you like. These are compact, functional devices primarily intended for door and window monitoring. But with a little creativity, you can achieve so much more. Here are some ideas to help you make your home a little smarter using these sensors.

How does it work?

Contact sensors can be programmed to provide different responses in different settings. When the system is running, an alarm is often triggered when a door or window is opened using a contact sensor. This will generate a siren and a central station at the same time if needed.

Protect your home and loved ones with one sensor. Xunison contact sensors are ideal security devices for doors and windows, as well as any opening/closing structure with two moving parts, such as cabinets, drawers, and safes. Keep your baby away from kitchen cabinets. Make sure your value is not compromised.

Contact Sensor 2
Contact Sensor 1

Why Need Smart Contact Sensor?

Smart sensors are a great option for everyone, from smart home beginners to enthusiasts. At the most basic level, these small battery-powered devices provide simple solutions to common problems. Do you often forget to close your garage door? It uses a touch sensor to send a notification to your phone when your phone is open for a more reasonable amount of time. Do you have a toddler who has just learned to get out of bed? Install a motion sensor in the room and get an alert if she is a scammer. 

Smart sensors have a lot more potential than this, some of which are distributed throughout the house and connected to other devices, turning this space into a smart home where there are many smart home devices. Devices often work together autonomously.


  • Long-range Sensors
  • Affordable add-on sensors
  • Alexa and Google compatibility
  • Home Security and Monitoring your windows
  • Sensing temperature
  • Generates Real-Time Smartphone Alerts