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Rexense and Xunison Has Forged an In-depth Cooperation Business Relationship

We are happy to announce that we have started cooperation with Zhejiang Raying IoT Technology Co., Ltd., with brand name Rexense which will be a very important milestone for both brands.

Xunison Ltd is an Irish technological corporation and based in the EU, with a high professional and dedicated technical team, which has developed the most powerful gateway for smart home and its APP.

Rexense has internationally leading Zigbee/IEEE802.15.4 technology, products, and industry solutions. The main products include: a full range of Zigbee wireless communication modules, wireless collectors, wireless home, building and security sensors, etc.

After immense communication and mutual understanding of a couple of years, Both Rexense and Xunison can achieve more by dedicating to one’s technological superiority.

• Rexense will supply ZigBee modules and other hardware for all the IoT end device

• Xunison will help them to develop APP and software (standard or customized), which makes a more integrated solution and professional.

With the highest level of dedication from both sides, united by this in-depth cooperation, the future will be promising for both Xunison and Rexense in the smart home industry.

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