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Data Security – the TOP priority for everyone

Data privacy and protection is not an easy task. Security professionals must classify data by risk and ensure that the data (both sensitive and personally identifiable information) is protected with appropriate security technologies and strategies.

To understand the impact and importance of global data privacy, you should first understand the biggest challenges you might face in data privacy and protection.

  • The Growth of Data is Exponential
  • Data is growing faster than ever. More than 1.7 megabytes of new data is created every second. It’s imperative for organizations to keep up with protecting not only their customer’s personal information but also sensitive personal information. Reports are saying that nearly 9,198,580,293 data records are now lost or stolen since 2013.
  • The Number of Open Vulnerabilities
  • In 2017. nearly 15,000 disclosed vulnerabilities surfaced. This is more than 56% more than 2016 total vulnerabilities.
  • An Advanced Technology Landscape – IoT and Mobile
  • IoT is certainly a major area of concern for all security professionals. A recent study found that 90% of information security professionals are more concerned about IoT than network security.
  • IoT vendors don’t proactively release security vulnerability patches for connected devices, yet the number of devices sold grows at an unimaginable pace.
  • Human Error Creates a Level of Complexity

Many security analysts claim that human error is the biggest challenge in data privacy and security Common everyday human errors can significantly affect your data privacy and protection. Uninformed and unaware employees can use weak passwords, mistakenly delete data, fall for phishing scams, have privileged account access, and browse websites not under acceptable use.

We are all witnesses that a cyber-attack can easily damage or bend any financial, telecommunication and institutional systems in the world.

Given such challenges and potential threats, when it comes to preventing and curbing cyber-attacks no effort is too expensive or demanding. At any time in the world, millions of transactions and information fly over the Internet. Data has become the most valuable object of protection: cybersecurity in all aspects is something that needs to be assessed, protected and developed at the maximum speed. The cyberspace is safe and useful, only when all the actors involved in a business process are cyber-space aware: without awareness, any technical solution to cybersecurity loses its significance and effect.

As you can see, the statistics show that protecting data is no easy feat. Across the entire information security lifecycle, you can experience pitfalls and hurdles. However, there are ways you can improve your data protection and security and monitor the flow of data through your network.

Xunison’s X-Brain device beside built-in router, smart home hub, energy management, ott… It also contains Cyber Security to protect all your data and devices connected to X-Brain Network. X-Brain’s Cyber security contains:

  • Antivirus and Antimalware

(Protecting devices from any virus coming from the internet)

  • Command & Control Blocking

(Blocking the activity of malware when it tries to steal sensitive information from Clients device.

  • Internet Security for all devices

(All devices connected to our router will be protected by our advance network pocket scan engine without mapping the speed of internet)

  • Safe Browsing (IP / DNS)

(Will be able to block malicious IP address and Domain names before they can infect devices)

  • DoS Attack Protection

(Will protect device connected to our router from any kind of DoS attack)

  • Protection of the devices on the network (PC, Phone, TV, Camera..)

(All devices connected to the router will be protected against each other, internet network threats)

  • Signature Update

(Our threat research team will constantly monitor the new internet born threats and actively block on all our routers without delay with our Live Signature Update)

  • Phishing site Protection

(Our router will identify if the user will visit a phishing site and will actively block the website and report to the user)

  • Exploit and Vulnerability Protection

(Our device will identify if a hacker tries to exploit a vulnerability on computer or and network and actively block it)

Besides that, X-Brain is also your Firewall with Bank Level encryption that will protect all your data and make it safe.

To learn more about X-Brain devices, visit  :

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