is your child safe online?

Do you know how to protect your kids while they surf the internet?

The Internet can be wonderful for kids. They can use it to research school reports, communicate with teachers and other kids, and play interactive games. But online access also comes with risks, like inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and online predators.

Parents should react immediately

We teach our children to look left and right when crossing the street, not to talk to strangers, not to share sensitive info… the same rules apply in the virtual world. Kids and adults must learn to recognize who are the true sources of information on the Internet and which are false.
Keep in mind that even though your children (who do not know life without the Internet) appear to be doing well, parental obligation is still to protect them from possible unpleasant situations that may befall them online. Therefore, rule number one: stay up to date with new technologies. Perhaps you’re not too interested in the possibilities of the Internet and social networks, but because of your children you need to find out more information about the digital world. In addition, this knowledge will help you to handle the vocabulary and concepts used by their peers, which enhances the understanding of the possibilities and dangers of the digital world.

Not enough is done to protect them from the dangers that lurk in the digital world and to enable them access to more secure online content- it was stated in the annual report of UNICEF.

How to start 

If you give your child mobile internet access without restrictions, it is just like giving him to drive a car without the knowledge of traffic rules and driving whatsoever. It’s important to teach the children from the very beginning that technology can (and should) be used for useful things, not just for fun. Show them that they can find the music they want to listen to, or recipes for cakes that you can make together, or old pictures of the city you live in.

Remember that every child is different and will have different interests, but it is up to you as parents to ensure your child is provided with a safe and secure internet.

Explain to children that the behavior on the Internet is the same as behavior in any public space, and that everything they publish (images, texts, comments, videos, personal data) affects the way others see them in the digital world.
You taught them not to talk to strangers on the street, so they should not accept friendship from strangers on social networks. 
Once you’ve started giving them the lessons about the digital world, keep it on. One conversation will not be sufficient to develop the child’s awareness of the digital world and the dangers that it entails.

From now on a single device can assist you in making the Internet safer and more accessible for children

X-Brain is here to provide a safe Internet for your kids and the whole family with its built-in router which contains cyber security. You will have the control in your hands.

The key advantages of X-Brain Router are:

  • Superb users interface
  • Dual band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi)
  • Filters- One of the best ways of protection from inappropriate online content is Web filter. Create a filter and block certain websites, applications, and certain categories of content. With x-brain users will have the possibility to block Internet content in more than 70 different categories, which includes all inappropriate content, such as pornography, gambling, and betting, sites that promote violence, racism and hate speech. All users, whether they use X-Brain in private or business purposes, will be provided with secure access to the Internetand will be protected from all dangers and threats that lurk online.
  • Parental Control– (contains)
  1. Web Supervision– Monitoring the use of the Internet, (search history, time spent online, the possibility of blocking entire categories of content)
  2. Time Supervision– Monitoring of time spent on the Internet – (possibility of completely restricting the access to the Internetor limiting the access for a certain time)
  3. Social Supervision– monitoring social networks (login time, time spent there, the possibility of blocking 1 or the entire categories of social networks)
  4. Groups– with the help of groups you do not have to make individual settings, for example, if have 3 kids, just make a 1 group, add them in, and block certain things all at once.
  5. PIN protection– if the child wants to access and change some things the pin  will be requested and password confirmation
  • Firewall – It also features a firewall, network security device that monitors all the traffic and enables or disables certain traffic flow.
  • Device Manager– You can see who is connected to X-brain network at any time, (which device, what is the IP address, what is being searched) … You can easily expel intruders from your network, or block them.
  • Threats Protection(threats are various attacks coming from the Internet. X-brain keeps a record of all of them and blocks them (as soon as the attack occurs, the user can see from which site it came, the type of attack …)
  • Identity Theft and measures of precaution–Identity theft is one of the most common forms of cybercrime, and it has skyrocketed with the mass usage of the Internet. Protect your personal data, passwords, and identity with the help of X-Brain Smart device. Take precaution on time.

This device contains several modes:

– “Through Wall”– mode (stronger signal through the walls)

– “Sleep”– mode (while you are asleep, signal decreases and it leads to energy savings)

X-Brain will prove to be your reliable friend and will provide you a fast and stable Wifi signal which is nowadays imposed as a must-have. Rest assured that with the X-Brain you will get the stability and reliability. Our device guarantees your safety, and a strong and stable Internet connection. You can help your children use the internet safely by learning how to make internet access safe, monitoring their usage and teaching them about the risks involved and together with the X-Brain device you will practically minimize internet dangers.

X-brain, with its advanced features, will protect you and your family and make the Internet a better and safer place, especially for children.

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