X-Brain energy management would be an excellent addition to any home. It will improve and regulate your monthly spendings and simplify your daily chores. It will enable you to manage all electrical devices in your home and give you the ability to monitor your energy consumption. X-Brain energy management is fully automated and you control it with just one click. By connecting your TV with X-Brain or by using our mobile app you will get an complete insight of the energy consumption on your screen. If you get a clue that one of the devices consumes a large amount of electricity you can stop it the very moment by clicking the “off” button.

The essence of X-Brain device is to enable you smart management off all devices inside your home in an easiest possible way. Wherever you are you’ll always be “one click away” from your home. Besides the efficient use of electricity, it has very positive impact on your budget. With the use of X-Brain your home begins to save you money, but without depriving you your comfort. With one click you will be able to control more than one function or given scene. Are you wondering what is scene feature?

Let us give you a few examples:

7am awakening scene is activated,radio turns on slowly, blinds in the room are rising, the light in the bedroom turns on automatically if it’s cloudy outside…

– By activating smart scene a lamp in the living room which was accidentally left turned on will be turned off automatically when midnight passes 


By using X-Brain energy management you control the largest energy consumers in the house such as heating, cooling, lighting and various household appliances. With X-Brain system, besides making your life easier you achieve also an energy savings as you use energy more efficiently and appropriately. For more informations contact us at sales@xunison.com

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