The Holidays are almost here, and who doesn’t like to relax a little over the festive period. These are good moments to gather all together and enjoy the festive magic. In addition to feast and social games, a small family tradition is also watching the New Year’s program. We made for you a list of our favorite movies with festive themes. With Christmas and New Year almost here X-Brain has the very best in movies for every occasion, whether you are a fan of melodrama, comedy, action or horror.


For those who prefer to enjoy the festive atmosphere in a comfortable sofa, X-Brain has prepared a lot of surprises ...

See a list of the best holiday movies according to the global audience and choose your favorite for this winter.


White Christmas

This movie classic is actually a romantic comedy in which actors are also singing and dancing. A favorite movie for decades and was first broadcasted on 1 January 1954.



It is a family comedy from 2003, starring comedian Will Farrell, who is Santa’s helper this time.


Miracle on 34th Street

Critics have described this film as: ” proof of how fragile sentiment can be the main ingredient … a beautiful film Miracle on 34th Street brings a warm holiday message.” We have nothing to add.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Comedian Jim Carrey in the role of Grinch, green creature that hates Christmas. If you do not like this version, you can select the one from the sixties, with Boris Karloff in the lead role.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton in an original animated film based on his story about the King of pumpkins.


A Christmas Story

Nostalgic and full of black humor at the same time, this version of the holiday movie from 1983. deservedly carries the status of the mandatory festive film.


Love, Actually

This film Britons have recently voted for their favorite Christmas movie. The truth is, this movie is too sentimental and full of flaws, but who cares? This is one of those sinful pleasures where we cannot resist whenever it’s on TV.


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