Smart or intelligent house (smart home system) by definition is not very different from the definition of human intelligence. If we can say for people that they are intelligent if they have the ability to quickly and properly react to tasks and events in the outside world, then we can say that smart home’s intelligence is reflected in the fact that it reacts appropriately and performs certain actions by gathering of information through various commands and sensors.

Although the smart home’s working process looks complicated at first glance, the background system of smart home is a smart network of smart devices managed by the most important element THE BRAIN OF THE SYSTEM – smart device that makes the decisions. Practically, when the brain receives information from a user or sensor, it is processing the information according to pre-defined rules and passes the command that should be executed

Stop wasting your time on everyday routine tasks. X-Brain all-in-one smart hub will be your reliable and discreet servant. Just let him know what needs to be done, and this intelligent home automation hub will do the rest and inform you about events.

Change the ambiance by controlling the lighting!

This system gives a whole new dimension to the management of lighting in your smart home. It allows you complete lighting control (turn on / off lights or adjust the intensity -dimming). Changing and adjusting the lighting scenes can very easily be done, you don’t have to be a tech savvy person, this system was made for everyone.

Any light that is connected to the system can be controlled individually or in groups, as well as by motion detectors. You’ll see for yourself how simple it is to bring light control to a whole new level. Create your own ambiance according to your preference

Lighting in a smart home can be controlled via:

– switch/key

– management app from a mobile phone / tablet / computer

-Smart scene control

– motion detection

– time inclusion/exclusion in a given time

– or according to daytime/nighttime

Blinds, shutters, garage doors or motorized windows

The smart home system enables you to control shutters, motorized curtains, protective grilles, garage doors, or other appliances that run on a motor. All connected devices can be controlled both individually and in groups.

Managing the shutters has several advantages. It is possible to manage blinds automatically, as part of a smart scene or a timer (opening and closing at a given time).

For example, it is possible to raise the blinds when the alarm clock goes on, or to lower them when you leave home. Also, it is possible to close the shutters and/or protective grid when you turn on the alarm system in your home.

Shutters and blinds management is very important when it comes to passive heating or cooling. The smart home system can automatically manage blinds, curtains, and shutters according to the season and the presence of sunlight during the summer, and in the winter it can raise the blinds on the side of the house, which is exposed to the sun. This makes significant savings in the amount of energy needed to heat or cool the building.

Heating, cooling, and ventilation

Different types of management – many opportunities

X-Brain can manage these systems intelligently. It can control the temperature in the entire apartment, house or business building, as well as individually (by zones, or rooms- predefined by the user). It is possible in certain rooms, regardless of the measured temperature, to turn on the heating or cooling is only in the evening (eg. bedrooms), or to turn off heating/cooling when no one is in the room, etc… the possibilities are many 

Remote control

System management app

X-Brain smart home system can be controlled at any time and from anywhere.

You can control the lighting, to regulate the temperature in the premises, control blinds and shutters, and much more. You can manage the entire smart system via an application on your mobile, tablet or computer, which allows direct communication with the system at any given moment.

You can remotely manage all connected devices, turn on heating/cooling before you get home, start scenes, check security cameras, have an insight into the status of all connected devices X-Brain smart home system…

Smart scenes

Probably one of the biggest advantages of the home automation system is smart scenes.

Scenes are a set of events that the user have designed. Practically, by pressing one button, you can run a set of events or operations of multiple devices.

How convenient, right? Setting up a new scene, or a substitution of the old scene is done very easily in just a few steps. As easy as setting an alarm on your phone.

These are just some examples of scenes which users can set up, change or upgrade according to their needs and desires.

The system does not limit the number of scenes, even the number of devices within each individual scene.


The alarm clock goes on, blinds in your bedroom are raising and letting sunlight in, heating/cooling turns on and coffee maker starts preparing your coffee…


When the system receives information that all users have left the apartment, house or office, it will turn off all the lights in the premises, set the heating/cooling to energy-saving mode, lower the blinds and turn on the alarm.


X-Brain smart hub will give the order to other devices and systems to set the heating to a comfortable temperature, to turn on the lights and play your favorite radio station or song to welcome you


For your perfect home cinema experience- X-Brain will close the blinds, dim the lights and set the temperature to optimal


When you’re leaving the building for a longer period of time, just set up the scene that incorporates your usual habits and the smart home system will start to simulate your presence when you leave. Your premises will appear occupied because your X-Brain smart home system will switch on and off lights, raise and lower blinds, turn on the Tv, etc…

Enabling you easier management and adjusting everything according to your specific needs is what the X-Brain smart home system is all about.