Router needs to “breathe”

It’s getting harder to imagine everyday life and work without strong and secure Wi-Fi network.

There are two important things regarding wireless internet

  • 1.the maximum distance from the router and
  • 2.internet speed.

These two things are affected by many factors – from the quality of the router to the structure of premises. However, you can do several things to increase and improve the quality of the network connection.

Most users often hide router somewhere closer to the wall, together with sockets and cables, and it certainly affects its performance. Routers that you get from providers when you sign a contract are often cheaper ones (with lower quality), which is why you should not hide them, rather you should find them a central place in order to have at least a decent connection.

Most of the router problems are fixed with a- RESET

Sounds like the classic phrase from the world of IT – but, software RESET certainly knows how to help. As the matter of fact, when you have problems with Internet access the first thing they’ll mention when you contact the costumer service is –RESET THE ROUTER.


Protect your Wi-Fi


One of the most basic steps that users can take to ensure the Internet speed is to make sure that the neighbors do not “steal”  their Wi-Fi signal, burdening it and making it slower. When installing the Wi-Fi equipment, the providers determine their own password for the new user, which is supposed to prevent unwanted users from accessing your Internet. However, they can be usually guessed easily. Therefore it’s advised to all new users to create their own password, which will be hard to guess.


Upgrade your router


Check your router for the latest software update

The process varies, depending on manufacturer, but generally you should visit the manufacturer’s web site, enter the serial number of your router and download the latest software release (firmware). Then access the administration interface of your router, find the settings for the firmware upgrade and simply upgrade it.


We have something truly amazing for you

We offer you the ideal solution without the need of purchasing any additional devices. We offer you X-Brain which contains a router and the router security hub, all in one. Key advantages of X-Brain are:

  • – High speed Internet
  • – Router security ( antivirus, firewall)
  • – Superb users interface
  • – Dual band (2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz WiFi)
  • – A large number of modes
  • – Device manager (you can see who is connected to your network in every moment)

You’ve probably had the situation where your WiFi signal gets weaker or completely gone in some areas of the house. With X-Brain you will never come across such a problem, because it is specially designed to provide a strong WiFI signal. Wherever you place it, your home will be entirely covered by the Internet.

 X-Brain contains several modes:

  • -Through Wall mode (ensures that stronger signal is being sent through the walls)
  • -Sleep mode (while you are a sleep, signal decreases and it leads to savings of energy)


X-Brain also contains Parental Control with:

  • -Web Supervision ( Web monitoring, URL Blocking, Category Blocking (Gambling, Porn…)
  • -Time Supervision (Time monitoring, Internet Blocking, Internet limiting (ex. 11pm – 8am)
  • -Social Supervision (Usage of social networks, Social Networks Blocking..)


X-Brain guarantees you safety, strong and stable Internet connection.

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