Smart home security system

The smart home technology has enabled the integration of different security systems into one communication system. For the first time, the system not only informs you about the events, but It also takes some measures to prevent or minimize the potential risk.

By using a system of “smart home” the safety of your property is elevated to the next level, and you as a customer get to enjoy maximum security with the smart but simplified and customized system in everyday life. Xunison’s X-Brain smart device is the head of smart home system.

Smart technology provides you numerous levels of security thus making you totally protected

  • – Anti-burglary alarm system 
  • – Video intercom and access control
  • – Simulation of presence
  • – Technical alarms (fire, flood, gas leakage …)
  • – Cyber security


Feel totally carefree in your home … 
An unwanted visitor has entered your yard – External sensors detect it, turn on the outdoor lighting system, shutters are closing in order to protect you, the smart security system activates the alarm and alerts you on your phone
In case the unwanted visitor has entered your home – a system automatically turns on the alarm, it turns on all the lights, raises the blinds and also informs you on the phone.

Technical alarms (fire, flood, gas leakage …)

By integrating smart sensors into your smart home security system and placing them on potentially precarious spots you’ll feel additional peace of mind. If some unpredicted situation occurs (gas leakage, smoke, fire, water leakage….) sensors will detect it and alert you via mobile phone, giving you the possibility to react on time. An immediate reaction can help you prevent potential damage and protect what matters to you. 

Video intercom and access control in the smart home

Answer the intercom call wherever you are.

For example: Instead of getting out of your bed, the smart system will redirect the intercom call on your phone/tablet/computer.

Presence simulation in the smart home 

Leaving your facility for a longer period of time? Protect it from potential burglars with “presence simulation” smart scene. Smart scenes are yet another great feature of the X-Brain smart device 
Scenes are a set of events that the user have designed. Practically, by pressing one button, you can run a set of events or operations of multiple devices. Just set up the scene that incorporates your usual habits and the smart home system will start to simulate your presence when you leave home. Your premises will appear occupied because your X-Brain smart home system will switch on and off lights, raise and lower blinds, turn on the Tv, etc…

Cyber security

From fake websites with hidden scams to malware hidden in Wi-Fi hotspots, there are several online frauds that sometimes trick even the smartest of tech nerds. This kind of fraudulent activity doesn’t just target one group of people, they are intended for all users, regardless of their place of work, education or intelligence. 

X-Brain contains cyber-security that will protect your network and prevent the various kinds of cyber-attacks. With its advanced options, this device provides its users with full security and safety on the Internet. X-Brain makes it simple, allowing you to rely on it to protect every device on your network from hackers, viruses, malware and more.


Do not waste your time on everyday routine tasks. Tell the system what to monitor and control and home automation system will do the rest and inform you about relevant events if needed. 
You’ll see how pressing a single button can close the blinds, dims the lighting, set the temperature …


Intelligent home automation offers many advantages. All the individual systems in the house are now linked in a smart system which communicates with you. Creating optimal, energy efficient, and smart ecosystem in your homeX-Brain as a central hub of a smart home system allows communication and interactive control of a large number of different subsystems providing maximum comfort. 

You can perform control of the following systems: 

– Heating/Cooling control
– Lighting control 
– Blinds/shutters control 
– Alarm control 
– Multimedia control 
– Central automation