Gas Sensor

Instantly alert you like a watchdog when a gas leak

Xunison Gas Sensor

Product Introduction

Xunison smart gas sensors instantly alert you like a watchdog when a gas leak is detected. Smart gas sensors can take precautions to prevent disasters by notifying you immediately if you spill milk or if your burner goes out for any other reason. Our Smart Gas detector protects your smart home and family from fire and gas leaks. Syncs with the android and IOs mobile application.


Connect your smart gas detector to the smartphone app to explore its features. This app is available for both iOS and Android. When synchronized, the detector can be remotely controlled to protect from any gas leaks.

Gas Sensor 2
Gas Sensor 1

Easy Installation

Xunison intelligent gas leak sensors are very easy to install. No wires are required during installation and no damage to doors or windows. Just plug it in, add it to your smartphone’s mobile app and you’re done! The smart gas leak detector is activated and ready to protect your home immediately.


  • Multi-type gas detection
  • Real-time monitoring of your house safety
  • Fire safety detection system
  • Fast response time
  • High Sensitivity