Everybody wants to feel safe no matter where they are, but a lot of people are aware of how to ensure the optimum security both at home and at workplace. Investing in home security is crucial to have the peace of mind you need for a better living.

Home security

Home security can be offered through various alarms, cameras and security systems to alert you when there is a suspicious activity going on. The all-in-one system comes packed in an elegant box, showing a high level of professionalism. In addition to that, the system uses the latest technology in home security. Plus, you can generate a security code to unlock the alarm if it accidentally goes on when you forget about it. You can set your home alarm options on your phone through the security app available. Through this app you can set and use different accessories (e.g. sensors, cameras and others), control your alarm (e.g. arm, disarm, SOS and other options) and pair your phone to other security devices.

Home Box

Providing you and all the family with entertainment with all the latest movies, apps, and games all at your fingertips with a touch of a button. View all the lestestin live TV, Movies and your favorite series, no need for any installation or set up – simply plug and play. Home security can be supervised through these devices with one single app. If you are at work and you want your children to be focused on their homework, you can control all the smart devices from your office just with a few touches. You can also monitor the lights, temperature, doors and locks from your phone using the home security app.

Home Player

Aside from game controllers like Xbox, PlayStation or Wii devices, you can use a latest product: VR glass. Through these special glasses you can see virtual reality directly from your smartphone. You can imagine that you are in a jungle and you need to escape, or you can fight villains while being a superhero. Any home player is really fun to use, especially when you have your friends with you and you all want to have fun together. You can also use these devices to synchronize them with your security app.


X-brainWith the X-Brain, you can connect all your smart devices into one single product. Aside from Internet and Satellite TV, Live TV with EPG, Movies and TV Shows, you can also get a smart home system, cloud gaming and router intelligence. You can watch any channel from any country and even plan your recording sessions. Thus you will get access to popular free or paid movies, including the latest releases and even series. In addition to that, you can control your home security and organize your smart home from one single device.

So you can see that it is now easier to control all your smart devices from your home. Home security has never been this close for you to manage!

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