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PROPER TEMPERATURE SETTING IN THE HOME Do you know which room temperature is ideal for you and your family?

Some heat their homes to temperatures similar to those in the Sahara, others prefer to feel cold as if they were on the North Pole, while others prefer to be somewhere in between- at that “optimal” temperature.
The whole story about the ideal temperature of the home is a bit tricky because everyone will heat the rooms according to their own needs. However, some general guidelines can give you a rough idea of the temperature that is suitable for your home, as well as for your wallet.

Ideal temperature and humidity of premises
Living room       19-22 °C         40-60 % humidity
Bedroom           18 °C                  40-60 % humidity
Office              21 °C                  40-60 % humidity
Kitchen           20 °C                  50-60 % humidity
Bathroom       21 °C                  50-70 % humidity
Hallway          18 °C                  40-60 % humidity

Living room
The temperature in the living room should be between 19 ° C and 22 ° C. It is the room where you probably spend the most time, receive guests, and have your time to relax. That is why this room will have the highest temperature in your house, and since your whole family gathers in it, the temperature will likely increase by one to two degrees due to the heat of your bodies. Also, you must not forget to ventilate your living room regularly, as well as other rooms in your house.

The bedroom will probably be the coldest room in your house. Temperatures between 16 ° C and 18 ° C would be ideal. The reason for such a low temperature is – the quality of sleep. The too high temperature in the bedroom has a big impact on the quality of your sleep. You will be restless, you will find it difficult to fall asleep, and when you fall asleep you will not feel as if you have rested. Of course, temperatures below the minimum 16 ° C are not recommended either, because even then you will not be comfortable, and no one likes to be covered with 8 different blankets.

20 ° C in the kitchen is quite enough. It is a room where you spend the time cooking, and cooking additionally heats the space.

No one likes to go out of a hot shower into an icy bathroom. Therefore, keep the temperature of your bathroom at a comfortable 21 ° C. This will make the room comfortable to stay in, and the moisture from the steam will not pose a danger to the bathroom walls.

How to regulate the heat for each room separately?
To successfully regulate the heat of each room separately, our recommendation is to get an X-Brain smart device that offers a solution to the problem of setting the temperature in your home. X-Brain works as a central hub in the house, to which all other devices are connected. This way you will have the opportunity to connect sensors and thermostats in the house that will recognize your presence and will turn on / off the heating or cooling depending on the weather when you are not at home. Also, when you return home, the smart device will adjust the temperature according to your needs.
With the X-Brain, you never have to worry about room temperature or electricity bills again.

Just pair this device with your mobile phone and it will send you information about the temperature and humidity in your home even when you are away. You can also control the status (on/of) of electrical appliances throughout the house!

It will grant you outstanding comfort in your home with significant energy savings.Read more about the X-Brain smart device and its features in the link below:


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