Do you have your favorite type of lighting in the house? Now you can easily and quickly adapt everything according to your needs or your mood, X-Brain smart device can help you with that. The X-Brain will control the lighting, provide you with entertainment and help reduce energy consumption. Adjust the lighting in the house according to different criteria for example furniture lay-out, motion detection, door opening, sunrise, dusk, activating alarms, etc. Simply press the button to turn on or off all the lights in the room or in the entire house.

Imagine that you are hosting a special evening party?  You would need to prepare properly in order to organize a memorable event. Good lighting is the first thing you need to provide in order to create a pleasant ambience. Lighting can visually transform the house and yard into a party venue and contribute to even better enjoyment. We are quite sure that with the help of X-Brain smart device, all the guests will notice your gorgeous home ambience. Simply adjust the lighting to emphasize a particular work of art or a piece of furniture. 

Limit the space for socializing by illuminating only rooms or areas of the house in which you planed the party to take place. In the right atmosphere, conversation and socializing will come up spontaneously and everyone will enjoy the beautiful surroundings, fun and food. And when you say goodbye to the guests, simply press the button to put out all the lights in the house. X-Brain becomes your companion for every situation, which besides many other things, provides supreme home environment.

With the X-Brain you can manage lighting, household appliances, air conditioning and heating, alarm and security systems, shutters and blinds. Managing all of this is made simple, it can be done by using the remote control, mobile or landline phone via the Internet. You can manage everything when you’re in the house or from anywhere on the planet, via Internet. The good news is that with this device you achieve great energy savings. 

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