Children are actively begging to use the Internet and the age limit gets lower each year. Every parent wants to protect their children from unsuitable content and negative effects of Internet use. They also need to raise the level of awareness about possible dangers lurking on the internet, as well as prevention that can be implemented in order to protect their children. We have to explain children how virtual reality affects them, how much they should engage in the digital world, and how to do it safely and without consequences. Many parents are in dilemma regarding how they should deal with this problem. They are aware that the new technologies have become a part of their children’s life.

You may think that you will solve the problem by prohibiting your children to use the Internet, but this certainly isn’t a good solution. Internet is so widespread that your children can access the internet without you ever finding out. We believe that it is much better that your children explore the internet in your presence. We will give you a few useful tips:Avoid putting the computer in child’s room

  • Ask them about their activities on the internet
  • Try to create an atmosphere of trust
  • Get them familiar with potentially bad situations which can be experienced on the internet
  • Show them examples of which sites are good and which are bad for them
  • Make time to play an interesting game on the Internet with your child
  • Use parental control

Certainly one of the most important features is the parental control. That is the most advanced solution that will keep your children safe while using the Internet. We suggest you to provide your home with the X-Brain cyber security. With this device your family will be protected from the harmful content on the Internet, hackers, viruses, explicit content and online fraud. It will turn your surfing on the internet into a real entertainment. All devices inside your home which are connected to X-Brain network will be completely safe and you will be able to control them yourselves. This device has one perfect option – content filtering. This feature prohibits showing certain sites that you would not want your child to see. More on X-Brain device you may read here.

You don’t have to play detective anymore, you can simply protect your children in the best possible way even when you are not around. X-Brain is certainly superb way to protect children in the online world.

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