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Keep your four-legged friend safe this summer

We have been greeted with a heat wave this summer – however not all of us can enjoy the hot weather as much and turn to having the air condition on full blast and cooling down as much as possible, we know there is nothing quite like a good BBQ but our fury friends don’t love the good weather as much – in fact they struggle.

Our pets have a hard time baring the heat.

Pets, (dogs more than cats), are very susceptible to heat stroke. A longer stay in the sun and the long exhausting walks at high temperatures lead to an increase in body temperature over physiological levels (38 – 39 ° C), which often results in heat shoc

You have to know that when it comes to heat stroke, there is a possibility that the pet will not survive. Therefore, think twice when considering whether to go for a walk with your furry friend or leaving him “only briefly” in the car on a hot summer day.

Note: Remember that older, obese dogs with short snouts have the lowest tolerance to heat. Therefore, if your favorite type of Pug, Bulldog, Boston terrier, Pekingese or boxers give them a special care.

  • What the owner can do is to:

    • Avoid walking the dog in the period from 11:00 to 17:00
    • Provide a comfortable temperature in the apartment
    • If the dog lives in the yard make sure that his house is located in the shade
    • Make sure that your pet always has fresh water to avoid dehydration.
    • If you are traveling with a dog, you can not leave him in the car.
    • Groom your pet regularly, because tangle or thick hair retains too much heat.
    • Cool off your pet. Sprinkle him with water, do it slowly, (not starting from the head, not from the area near the heart), start from the mouth, slowly toward the chest.

If you want to make your pet additionally safe in these summer days, check out this solution! 

Pet brings so much happiness and satisfaction for the whole family. It becomes a member of your family, brings you closer together with friends, neighbors … requires commitment, but also provides unconditional love.
X-BRAIN smart devices can play an important role in keeping your furry friend safe, especially on hot summer days while you’re at work or on a vacation.

Using the touch screen, internet, phone or remote controller, systems that are automated can be managed to respond to your every need.

This device represents the concept of the modern household which offers complete comfort and control of your home, with exceptional energy savings

X-Brain is a home automation hub that communicates with: all smart devices in your home or office, Door and Window Sensors, Motion Sensors, Surveillance Cameras… It’s the home automation controllera central unit of smart home automation, alarm systems, cyber-security and I IoT. X-Brain connects the devices and appliances in premises so they can communicate with each other and with the user.

Connect cameras and sensors with the X-Brain smart device and you will have the full control over your pet. With the help of a mobile application, you can monitor as well as communicate with the dog / cat, even when you are out of the house, because the cameras also have a microphone and a speaker. The sensor can detect movement, and camera can record what your pet is doing.

Control the temperature in your home remotely. X-Brain enables you to adjust the temperature in the house wherever you are, and therefore prevent those boiling heat wave in your home.
By simply clicking on the button raise or lower your blinds in the apartment, blinds can even be raised or lowered at a certain hour or the day of your choice (smart scene control)

Keep your pet safe with the help of X-Brain smart device.
Be constantly connected with your four-legged friend, keep him happy, healthy and safe all year round with X-Brain smart device.

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