Keep your home cool on a summers day with X Brain.

Xunison offers a modern and inventive solution for those who want to enjoy comfort and control of their home. Xunison’s X-Brain smart device controls every device in the house that is connected to it. It will make your life easier and better, given the fact that with the use of a single device, you can keep your entire home under control. X-Brain is the central unit through which it is possible to manage and control the whole house.  Control of the lighting, audio / video devices, and air-conditioning, are just some of the options that are now at your fingertips.

Just imagine, a hot summer day, you’re at work, the office is getting crowded and hotter, you’re starting to feel the urge for a fresh air. While travelling home from work tired, making your way through the traffic jam is an additional mood-killer. Everything you need at this point, is to enter your cozy and cooled home. With the X-Brain smart device, that’s actually possible.

While waiting at the traffic lights, you can give an order to the X-Brain to ventilate your home and then to cool down the premises to a particular temperature. With the help of the mobile phone, this smart device can be controlled regardless of where you are. Rather than coming home tired and only then turning on the air conditioner, you now have the option to activate air conditioning via mobile phone, so that your home would be fresh and cooled by the moment you arrive.

With this device this would be your everyday scenario:  you’re entering your home, which has already been ventilated and cooled, your favorite music is coming from the speakers, and it puts you in a good mood…. You’re sitting in your favorite chair, the lights are diming, and on the TV starts your favorite show … And finally after a long day, relaxing can begin. All of this is really possible, because the X-Brain smart device will smarten up your home.

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