Smart Leak Sensor

Detects water leaks and can trigger an alarm

Xunison Leak Sensor

Product Introduction

Fires can be devastating, but floods are a much more common risk. These smart devices notify you of leaks in your home so you can respond quickly. Leak Sensor detects water leaks and can trigger an alarm when paired with Siren Alarm.

Protect your home from water leaks

The sensor is designed to detect leaks or flooding of water. If a leak is detected, you will receive an alarm notification on your smartphone after 2-10 seconds.

Place Anywhere

With wireless technology and minimalist style, the water leak sensor is perfectly designed for where it is needed most, in small hard-to-reach places. Plus, its battery lasts up to a year and is easy to monitor via the mobile app for added peace of mind.

Leak Sensor 2
Leak Sensor 1

Perfectly designed

Xunison leak sensors are the perfect dance between art and design, beautifully harmonized in every detail. Just like any other smart device, the perfect form is equipped with cutting-edge technology.


  • Water leak detection
  • Sound alarm
  • Light indicator
  • Tamper alert