live smarter after covid-19

Live Smarter after COVID 19

The measures introduced due to the coronavirus are becoming somewhat relaxed now, but the fear and new habits that the crisis forced us to will not disappear overnight. The Coronavirus has made us behave differently than before, and people around the planet have learned what social distancing means, how important regular and proper handwashing is, and that almost anything can be done from home.

We all feel the need to laugh again with coffee as if everything is fine in the garden of a cafe, but why take so much risk on ourselves. Turn your garden into a cafe that will not have working hours and will always be open for you. There is no better outdoor fun than the one you can organize in your yard. A landscaped yard can make you feel like in a resort, decorated with modern, luxurious, and smart details. When we say “smart details” we mean a smart device that will take all that magic to a higher level. Smart devices are not limited only to the interior of the house, but with them, you can adjust the outdoor lighting, lighting and water temperature in the pool, grass irrigation, raising and lowering awnings, monitoring, and security of the yard via cameras and alarms… And much more. Imagine just a smart garden where sprinklers, lights, motion sensors, cameras, music can be controlled with the touch of a button via just one smart device like the X-Brain. This is the ideal solution for you.

X-Brain is all on one solution for the smart home. To be precise the X-Brain is able to connect to a large number of devices in the household- heating and cooling systems, lighting, windows and doors, detectors, sensors, alarms, home appliances, etc… and users can easily manage them.

This innovative solution enables monitoring and control of all devices in the home that are connected to the X-Brain, from the home space or from any remote location where the internet is available, over a smartphone, tablet, or PC device.

X-Brain has a wi-fi mesh that provides a stable and strong Wi-fi signal in any part of the house or yard. This is very important because it helps in all aspects of automation.

Another important thing, thanks to its energy management function, the X-brain smart device contributes to significant savings.

Whether it is a home or a garden, X-Brain has great potential to help and change lives for the better.

An organized and arranged yard with practical and smart ideas will become an oasis for enjoyment that everyone will admire.

Be responsible, stay at home for a while. With the X-Brain smart device, you will provide yourself and your family with safety and comfort at the highest possible level

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