Every parent wants to make their home safer for their child. Parenting awakens different feelings, like excitement, happiness or fear. Our main worry is usually leaving our child unattended. We do whatever is necessary in order to make your home a safe place, because children grow rapidly, and they become more curious every day. The X-Brain gives you a simple solution that will make your home safer for you and your child too.

Xunison X-Brain smart home can reduce or completely eliminate a large number of potential accidents and provide you an easy control of your home. X-Brain smart devices will keep your home under control, and the availability of recordings from the home cameras at all times, will make you feel completely carefree. Just a few seconds without supervision is enough to lead to the serious injury of a child. Therefore, the X-Brain is especially important for families with small children.

Adjust the temperature according to your preference, in every room of your home. You know how important it is, for a child’s wellbeing, to maintain a certain temperature in the house. The temperature is recommended to be around 18˚C to 21˚C, especially in the room where the baby sleeps. X-Brain provides you the temperature control throughout the house, just by using your phone, tablet or remote.

X-Brain smart device can also control the lighting in the house. The lighting control has never been easier, for example -while you’re holding a baby, you can adjusts the lighting with just one click on your mobile phone. By using Smart Scene, blinds and curtains can be set to move up and down-depending on the amount of light that’s coming from outside.

Controlling the doors is also an important thing for the safety of your little ones.  With the X-Brain device, you will have the information on display, if the door is closed or open.

With X-Brain smart devices you can increase the safety of your child, and thus you will enjoy your free time without panic or worries .

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