After the disturbing news that an American family had their baby monitor hacked, we decided to raise parent awareness when it comes to purchasing baby monitoring system

Baby monitoring really provides a certain level of freedom for parents, the camera is recording every moment and whatever happens or whenever you hear the baby crying, you can immediately respond. This Allows you to stay in touch with the baby every single moment, day and night.

But if the parents choose this system of surveillance, it is of paramount importance that they pose detailed inquiries about the product. Increased numbers of hacked baby monitors tell us to be careful when choosing and to take a good look at the product specification.

For the parents who are constantly on the move, the X-Brain comes to the rescue. All you need to do, is to connect the X-Brain device with the smart sensors, which will detect even the slightest movement of your baby. You can also connect the camera along with sensors, so that you can have visual contact too. Controlling and accessing the camera can be done via a mobile application or a TV.

X-Brain is very useful and reliable because this system can support multiple types of camera you have at home, whether it’s a web camera, surveillance camera, camera for pets or any other type of security camera. This way you can observe what is happening in your home from your phone, wherever you are. X-Brain device contains cyber security which protects all of your smart home devices that are connected to it, which provides full security.

X-Brain also has many other features, you can connect a variety of smart devices to this unit, such as sensors, alarms, smoke detectors and other …

This device is proof that you can always do something to increase the safety of your family.

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