Smart technology has evolved tremendously over the years. During 2018 it has been purchased and installed over 90 million smart devices, which represents a huge growth of smart technology market compared to the previous years. Each year brings us numerous innovations, and 2018 has brought us the X-Brain smart hub.

It is known that the majority of smart devices benefit your household separately. Some are even just an upgrade to existing products. You should know that home automation is currently only in its early stages and many companies around the world are working on its development day by day. Xunison Company is proud of its success because it has allowed all of the individual home appliances and devices to be unified in one harmonious system. Central unit and controller of that smart system is X-Brain smart device.

Thanks to the X-Brain you’ll become a true “king of the castle” because it is the all-in-one solution and it enables you full smart control over your home.

Your whole house becomes a smart unified system that takes care of your appliances, heating, air conditioning, lighting, security, etc… And thanks to the energy management feature it also saves your money.  The system can be upgraded with new devices which become part of your smart oasis as soon as you connect them to X-Brain.

X-Brain enables all the components of a smart home to connect into a single system, and you can control everything via TV or through our mobile application which is available on IOS and Android. Also, you can program your smart home system to function completely without your influence. Smart control has endless possibilities…


Imagine a scenario in which you’re relaxing in your living room in the evening and there is no need to get up in order to turn off the light or lower the temperature. Instead, a simple click on your smartphone is enough. You can activate all the desired functions at once: lower the blinds, dim light set the desired temperature and turn on your favorite TV program. Such settings (smart scenes) can be programmed in a very simple way, according to your specific needs.

X-Brain elevates your home to a new level, increases comfort, safety, and quality of living, especially makes life easier for older people and people with disabilities. This smart system can help them and protect them, and the best part is that almost everything can be done remotely.

Wherever you may be located you can check what is going on in your home, and make sure everything is in order. Enjoy every new day and take advantage of the opportunity offered by smart technology.


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