Smart home is designed to provide ease of life, safety and energy savings in the home. Switching to a smart home puts you in full control of all the functions in your home, it also gives you and your family a higher level of security – Smart home operates the way you want it to. The joy of using an X-Brain is you can control it from you TV which means you will see all the energy savings, usage, cameras on a large screen, of course you also have the ability to control from your mobile phone or tablet device. Everything can be set according to your wants and needs at the time another great  or by using your own voice. Relax and do not worry, because with the X-Brain device every room in your home will be available at your screen. We made sure that this device is easy to use and the only thing we expect from you is to harmonize all your needs with just one click. Here are some benefits of having a smart home.

1) Easier management which adapts to your needs and comfort.

• Manage lighting, air conditioning, household appliances, shutters, gates… according to your daily activities and needs. You don’t need to rush home anymore, in case you did not close the windows, lock the doors, switched on the TV, water heater, iron … now you can manage your own home via telephone over the Internet wherever you are.
• You will also manage devices in your smart home, watch your favorite series or movie, listen to music, watch the photos or surf the Internet, all of this via TV. X-Brain will replace the need for a computer in your house.

2) Smart Home Security

Camera recordings from your home which are available for you at any time, create a safer lifestyle for you and your family. X-Brain will completely change the life for families with small children and elderly members of the family. Raise your home’s security to a higher level and get rid of the fear.

3) The energy efficiency

X-Brain enables intelligent use of electric power.  With the proper management of lighting, heating, air conditioning and household appliances you will achieve major savings. You will have the display of consumption for each electrical device and you can optionally turn off or turn on the largest consumers of energy in the house.

4) Assistance for the elderly people and persons with disabilities

X-Brain provides additional security to the elderly and sick people and people with disabilities .Remote control operating of all devices in the home has a paramount importance for people with special needs who would not be able to function normally in their homes without help.
Investing in smart home, you are improving comfort and saving energy, increasing the security of family  and making the life easier for the elderly people … the choice is yours!

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