The modern age has brought us many, innovations, challenges, but also comes with a lot of requirements. In the age of possibilities and accessibility, special attention is paid to privacy. In addition to privacy, it is important to emphasize that security also become a priority.

Not only the safety of people but also the safety of property, houses, cottages, business buildings. For protection against burglary, it is important to know the key points of security that you need to pay attention to. Thieves work even while you rest, so it’s really great that modern technology brought us smart home security system.

In the holidays period, the rate of committed burglaries and thefts is much higher, because the thieves usually seize the moment when you are not at home. It’s easy to figure out the absence of tenants, there are some obvious indicators: lights are turned off, windows closed, shutters down, it’s silent, etc…

Outsmart thieves with a simple but yet smart solution for your home – Smart home security system

“Smart Safety in Motion”

(With smart home security system your smartphone becomes a remote control and your constant connection with the safety of the home)

X-brain smart device takes care of your house and your safety wherever you may be. With this device, you’ll make a false impression (the illusion) that someone is at home. His remotely controlled functions, such as turning the heating on or air-conditioning, switching the lights on and off, raising and lowering the blinds, turning on the TV, music…

You can virtually simulate your normal daily routine in an empty apartment. Your house can be managed locally or over the Internet from anywhere on the planet.

X-Brain will control your security system and will give you a chance to monitor your entire home via your mobile phone.

Wherever you may be, you’ll have your house in the palm of your hand. Some systems have the “protection from burglary” function, while others, combined systems, provide fire protection and protection against burglary. Both can connect to the X-Brain and completely secure your home.


X-Brain smart home system can be connected to multiple devices and thus become the center of the connected home.

It works with a range of protocol: Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. This connection method allows the easiest way to control your home. Smart home means automation and device control in the building, be it on the management of lighting, heating, security cameras or alarm system.

This smart security system is not reserved only for homes but it’s also suitable for hotels and business buildings, considering that it allows easier control and considerable energy savings through one central management system

Smart technology offers connection, security, safety, and information. Once you try it, you will come to appreciate how much it makes you feel safer. X-Brain smart home isn’t just about comfort and convenience, it will introduce security and peace of mind to your life. Every feature of the X-Brain smart home contributes to a better and safer life.

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