Smart Plug

homeowners to power on or off any device remotely

Xunison Smart Plug

Product Introduction

Smart Plug allows homeowners to power on or off any device remotely or as part of a preset Scene. Forgot to turn off your lights & appliances in your smart homes? Xunison smart plug allows you to control your smart home from your smartphone using a Mobile App. Just another way home life can be improved with Xunison.

Create on/off schedule

The Xunison smart home app has a scheduling feature that helps you schedule connected devices to turn on and off according to a scheduled time.

Energy consumption monitoring

The plug can record the energy consumption of each device and send it to the BriteKey app. This allows you to monitor the energy consumption of all previously connected devices.

Smart Plug 2
Smart Plug 1

Modern, Elegant, Simple

Inspired by a modern sensibility, the Smart Plug’s design is both simple and elegant, allowing it to blend seamlessly with existing decor.

Never Leave Things Running

The Smart Plugs give you peace of mind with the count-down timer feature, which automatically switches off the running household appliances (clothes iron and curling iron) if you have set a time limit before.


  • It offers easy configuration.
  • You will get inbuilt protection against power surges.
  • Energy Saver and Management.
  • It can significantly prevent your devices from overheating.
  • You can also monitor your energy consumption through the app.