Offer more, your way with BriteLink™

Offer more, your way
with BriteLink™ solutions

If “basic internet” isn’t enough,
you’ve come to the right place.

Broadband adoption is nearing saturation, so where will your growth come from?

Smart home devices and connected life apps are natural add-ons to your internet service. But not all smart home solutions deliver the same value.

With our BriteLink™ end-to-end suite, you get the simplicity of an integrated, all-in-one solution with the flexibility to choose your services today and grow your in-home footprint tomorrow.

You also get peace of mind with Xunison’s commitment to quality and security in all our products. There is no better option to capture the smart home market…your way.

Xunison Wi-Fi Connectivity Management System

Wi-Fi / Connectivity Management

A great wireless experience drives more services.

Our BriteHub™ intelligent routers offer Wi-Fi 6 Mesh and optional 4G/5G LTE to ensure seamless coverage and fast, reliable service throughout the home.

Connections can be prioritized by device or application, so everyone gets the performance they need for work, video streaming, gaming, and more.

Devices are ‘plug-and-play’ – preconfigured with a simple QR scan – to make set up a breeze and eliminate the need to send out a technician.

Smart Home Management

The more they connect, the stickier they get.

Giving your subscribers an easy way to connect smart home devices to their Wi-Fi network means one provider, one bill, and one more happy customer.

Our smart hub works with any Z-Wave, ZigBee, BLE, or Wi-Fi compatible smart devices. Plus, integration with Alexa and Google Home means subscribers don’t have to choose.

Our smart home accessories – customized with your logo and branding – are easy to sell and buy with BriteStore™ online store.

Xunison Smart Home Management System
Xunison Smart Energy Management System

Energy Management

It’s good for the planet and the wallet.

With so many devices, appliances, and home fixtures connected to the Web, managing energy consumption is vital.

Our BriteKey™ mobile app lets subscribers see how much electricity each device is using, estimate energy costs, and set policies to manage energy consumption.

Pre-set scenes can be created to automatically dim lights, turn down the AC, and other energy-saving actions based on time of day or other conditions.

Home Security

24-hour protection for homes and families.

Smart homes aren’t just for convenience. Many subscribers – especially those with children or elderly family members – want protection for their homes and loved ones.

With BriteLink™ accessories, you can offer a full home security system, including automated locks, motion sensors, and security cameras that stream live video feeds to a mobile phone or laptop, giving subscribers visibility and assurance 24 hours a day.

The solution can be integrated with third-party security services to trigger alarms or dispatch security personnel to the home.

Xunison Smart Home Security Camera System
Xunison network and device Security System

Network / Device Security

Threats lurk around every virtual corner.

Hackers will target all types of connected devices and apps to find a way in. BriteLink protects subscriber devices, home networks, and data with continuous monitoring to identify potential threats before they cause damage.

Malware database is continuously updated, suspicious behavior is flagged, and infected devices are quarantined to protect the rest of the network.

Our ability to set up different SSIDs for guest traffic further reduces security risk.

Parental Controls

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

Kids are surfing the web and using mobile devices at an early age. Parents can protect them from inappropriate content with our easy-to-set Parental Controls using the BriteKey™ app.

Families with young children and teens will appreciate the ability to monitor web activity, restrict access to social media, and manage time spent online.

Detailed analytics show device, duration, and time stamps for online activity, and parents can block any URL or entire categories of web sites (such as gambling and adult content) to keep kids safe.

Xunison Smart Home Parental Control System
Xunison Smart Android TV

Android TV

A world of entertainment in every living room.

With support for XDVR, DVB-T, AOSP, and Google ATV, it’s easy to integrate over-the-top (OTT) content streaming services with BriteLink.

Serve up video, interactive gaming, and Google Play apps on the big screen or mobile devices. You can customize the IPTV launch screen to promote your own or partner services, creating upsell and revenue share opportunities as well.

A specially designed BriteLink remote control even lets subscribers switch between entertainment, home controls, and security video with the push of a button.

Online Store

When subscribers see how easy it is to add new devices, sensors, and accessories to their smart home environment, they will want an easy way to buy them, too.

Our BriteStore™ online shopping experience is fully customizable, allowing you to apply your own branding and sell hardware, services, or partner products.

BriteStore™ is available with Android TV, desktop/laptop devices, and mobile phones for ultimate shopping convenience.

BriteStore One stop shop for Smart Home Solutions