Whether you are at home or abroad, the safety of your family, your household and your property will be constantly be on your mind, using an X-Brain puts your mind at ease letting you know that you have control over this at all times. Using an X-Brain makes it is easier, simpler and faster to control and manage the entire household. X-Brain is the central device in the house to which you can connect smart home devices via Z Wave and Wifi. The design of this device complements and beautifies the room wherever you may put it.

Controlling is done by your remote control, mobile phone or tablet. You can also create and activate a variety of scenes, such as “good morning” or “Good Night” scene, where, by pressing a single button, you’re closing the blinds, diming the lighting, adjusting the temperature …

While you are at work, monitor your home over the cameras and see what your kids are doing, is your pet behaving good or does the elderly people at home need assistance.

When you’re on vacation, there’s no more need to worry about your home, as you will always be completely secure with the X-Brain. You will receive notification if something happens unexpectedly, and you will be able to solve the problem on time, even when you’re not present. Activating the scene “The house is empty – simulate a stay at home”, others will think that you are in the house, but you’ll be at some nice place, miles away from home … Spend the holiday without fearing the floods, gas leakage, fire, or an intruder.

When it comes to your home’s security, security of a company, or, simply the safety of a person, the most important question that arises is this one: “Is the solution you have decided for, actually enough to guarantee you security? “. We can safely confirm that security will be at the highest level with the X-Brain smart device. You will increase safety, comfort and energy efficiency, using a single smart device. X-Brain is a smart choice for you, your family, and your property! Experience the next level of security!

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