Have you realized that the future is already here?

Keeping pace with new trends and innovations raises the question of just how are the smart devices and smart control relevant to life today.

We live in a time where it is no longer enough to have just a smart phone or a smart TV, expectations now are much higher. Today, virtually all of us have a smartphone in our pocket, as our appetites grow, people increasingly seek to create their own private smart oasis.

From smartphones, smart cars, to smart homes and cities…. It’s “connected world” ecosystem and every player within this ecosystem wants to make sure that they are getting a piece of the IoT pie.

Today’s trends have led to a dramatic increase in the use of portable devices and digital access, which further lead to the demand for new devices, services and features.

It’s up to you to unlock it’s full potential

As we move into the age of IoT, smart homes are rapidly moving from theory to practice, with many large players already launching their Smart Home packages. Some of them meet different levels of security and automation requirements, others enable their customer to monitor their home via smartphone apps and online portals, some allow people to control their heating, lighting, locks and more ….

Telecom Companies could seize the opportunity and offer its customers all of the above, unified in one single smart home device – the X-Brain smart device.

Let your company’s first offer in the smart home arena be the winning one.

Here’s the deal:

is all on one solution for smart home. To be precise the X-Brain is able to connect to a large number of devices in the household- heating and cooling systems, lighting, windows and doors, detectors, sensors, alarms, home appliances etc… and users can easily manage them.

This innovative solution enables monitoring and control of all devices in the home that are connected to the X-Brain from the home space or from any remote location where internet is available, over a smart phone, tablet or PC device.

X-Brain delivers a superior user experience and comfort, and all those common concerns and questions such as “Have I left on the stove, iron, or radiator?” just got solved very quickly.

The best part:

Features of the X-Brain:

X-Brain energy management 

  • 1. Energy consumption monitoring
  • 2. Reports on the energy consumption
  • 3. Smart device control
  • 4. Consumption calculator


  • 1. Strong through-the- wall signal
  • 2. Dual Band Wi-Fi
  • 3. Device manager
  • 4. Black list
  • 5. Prioritization distribution
  • 6. Wi-Fi Room (Guest wifi)

Internet Security 

  • 1.  Malware protection
  • 2. Firewall
  • 3. Antivirus
  • 4. Threat Protection
  • 5. Weekly data update

Parental control/monitoring of

  • Social Networks
  • Search content (Content filter)
  • Time spent online
  • Blocking pages
  • Restricting the Internet

Smart home 

  • Z-wave
  • Fast access
  • Remote access
  • Smart scene
  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Voice control (Alexa)

Home Cinema

  • 1.  Movies and Tv series
  • 2. Search engine
  • 3. Trailer
  • 4. Synopsis and the cast
  • 5. Live TV

Reasons for Telcos to grab the X-Brain smart home opportunity and claim their place on the market

  • Smart Home has become a hot topic and players from various industries are now placing their bets.
  • In order to leverage the benefits and profitability of this lucrative market, Telecoms must step on to the smart home market asap.
  • Smart Home revenues will grow by 12 percent a year until 2020. Including both direct revenues, such as home automation services/products, and indirect revenues, such as the maintenance of the new devices/services.
  • Operators will be in a position to offer their own solutions and facilitate the digital life of their customers. By doing so, they would improve the stickiness of customers to their existing services and generate new revenue streams
  • A significant asset of telecom operators in the Smart Home environment is the central role they play in the customer relationship, which can enable them to capture a great value of future Smart Home services.
  • Bringing additional value and service to its cellular subscriber base, and allow it growing.
  • Ability to offer upgraded packages that cover the areas that will bring their customers the most peace of mind: home security and safety; home automation; monitoring of elderly, infants and pets; (the “aging in place” trend)- allowing elderly people to stay independently and safely in their own homes as long as possible…etc
  • Telecom operators can battle their way to the central position as the integrator of Smart Home services. It will be up to them to define to what extent.
  • Telecom operators with its inherent advantages of broadband connectivity, household-based customers, sales and support networks are well positioned to offer compelling smart home solutions to bring in new revenue streams and ride the IoT wave.
  • From a business perspective, expansion into the smart home market means a sea of opportunities, including new partners, customers, and dealers….

Bottom line:

The introduction of X-Brain will provide the best solution for the technical challenges of today.Take advantage of great opportunities that X-Brain gives you, and place your “smart home” offer .

It is quite certain that all those who decide to purchase X-Brain smart devices will secure their place on the demanding market, keeping the attention of the existing users and attracting new ones.With this device, Telecom will be able to offer flexible solutions and the possibility of upgrading a smart system with innovative options and thus be up to date. This innovative solution will in the short time span bring you a significantly large number of users because it is suitable for both business and private users.

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