Telecoms take a step into the future!

Telecoms – Take a Step into the Future!

All telecom companies are dedicated to technological innovations. By introducing new services and applying the latest technologies, telecom companies strive to enable global connectivity and enrich people’s lives by creating even better tech conditions.

Technological development requires continuous learning and improvement in order to keep pace with change but also opens up many other possibilities.

OLD Telecom World

Old Telecom World

In the OLD WORLD , telecom services required a large number of devices
– one device as a router,
– one device as Wi-Fi Mesh,
– then a special device for Cyber Security,
– Smart Home Hub,
– a device for Energy Management
– Parental control,
– then a device for STB box
– Android TV box,
– 4G sim card router…

which further meant that they have a large number of suppliers and manufacturers, a large number of SKUs, so they had a large number of different platforms which further meant that their workers need to undergo training for each platform separately and each device especially to provide support.

These require a lot of money and time.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a NEW WORLD
– in which one device will change all devices – X-BRAIN DEVICE
one platform will change all platforms – X-PLATFORM
– and where instead of a large number of trainings there will be only one training for all in one platform.

All in One Device - X-Brain

X-Brain Device

X-Platform - All in One Platform


Xunsion has also developed an All-in-One platform that contains everything that contains Nokia Motive, Tr-69, Friendly-IoT, Bosch-IoT, Cujo platform, and OTA platform.

OLD World - vs - New World

problems and solutions telecoms
Old World

In the previous telecom era – Old World (a world without x-brain)

Telecoms have been facing some serious problems:
– Support for smart home,
– Cyber attacks on iot devices and cameras,
– Weak Wi-Fi signal in the house,
– Bad signal for smart home devices,
– Large number of device platforms and manufacturers.
– A large number of mobile phone applications need to be maintained and users have to switch from one application to another to control every device that telecom offers,
– Old android systems for TV boxes,
– and not enough services for a subscription model of sales.

New World

In the modern telecom era – New World , we have solved the old problems. 

– With the help of all in one platform we can fix any smart home problem,
– We have developed a firewall for cyber security to prevent cyber attacks,
– We have integrated wifi mesh, which will amplify wifi signal and signal for smart home devices in the house,
– Instead of a large number of platforms, we have created an all in one platform where all client’s problems can be detected, controlled and fixed.
– We have developed an all in one application that controls all the functions of one device (which means that only one application will be required)
– Certified new generation Android TV system
– and the possibility of higher earnings via device services from TV or mobile phone (monthly subscription for parental control, smart home, energy management …)

Benefits in New World

Some of the benefits in the new telecom era – New World are :
• more users
• taking control of the market
• free marketing on x-brain tv
• secured systems

Xunison offers a large number of services to telecoms and there is a possibility of developing new features at the request of the telecom.

Services offered to Telecom

1) Smart Home (zigbee, Z-Wave and wifi protocols) which telecom with the help of all in one platform can pre-configure and connect in advance to the user’s hub so that the user is left only plug and play … with the help of platform telecom can also create various scenes and automations to its customers.

2) Cyber security (to secure the network and all smart devices and cameras from hacking)

3) Parental control (which will allow greater control over children while using the Internet (time limit and use of the Internet, monitoring social networks, and blocking content

4) Energy management (so that users know how much energy each of their devices consumes, which they can turn off if they see that it is a large consumer and at the same time have an insight in the electricity consumption for each month

5) Wi-Fi Mesh that will amplify the signal in the house and ensure uninterrupted use of the Internet.
6) Smart home store where telecoms can offer products to their customers, stores are available on TV and mobile application
7) Certified Android TV through which you can offer customers IPTV services and video content

Since Xunison developing both hardware and software, we can offer you a large number of devices or assemble a device completely of your choice. You can participate in every step of production.

A device such as the X-Brain is undoubtedly a big challenge for such a large system as telecom. We are quite sure that it will contribute to the stable growth of the number of users from month to month, which indicates the real effects of modernization and innovation of this all in one device.

For more information on the X-Brain device, please visit

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