The X-Brain- a modern age babysitter

You know how every parenting book warns you to never leave your baby alone and unattended. As a new parent, it’s perfectly understandable to want your baby to be attached to you at all times. While that’s a wonderful thing, it can also be truly exhausting. Rest assured that your baby will be safe, even when you are not in the same room. This is provided by the X-Brain smart device.

It provides parents with complete freedom to move around the house and garden while monitoring the baby the whole time. Allows you to keep an eye on the baby at every single moment, day and night. All you need to do, is to connect the X-Brain device with the smart sensors, which will detect even the slightest movement of your baby. You can also connect the camera along with sensors, so that you can have visual contact too. Controlling and accessing the camera can be done via a mobile application or a TV.

While watching the content that camera is recording (camera has a built-in speaker and microphone) it is possible to talk to your baby through your phone, which can be extremely useful to calm your baby if crying, until you come from another room.

For the parents who are constantly on the move, the X-Brain comes to the rescue. It’s important to emphasize that there is no range limitation, so, you’ll be able to watch your baby over your phone no matter where you are (at work, on the road, etc.).

There is no better solution than the X-Brain, when it comes to keeping your child safe. With this device you will always know if your baby needs you. The X-Brain provides many opportunities for the parents who want to be sure at all times, that their child is safe and well. If you are planning to become a parent or if you already had a baby, do not hesitate to acquire this smart device.

In addition, The X-Brain has many more fantastic features, and has a wide range of purposes.

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