Top 3: Best Music Streaming Apps for Android TV

xunison-blog-2017If you are still thinking about buying a Smart TV Box, you should know that there are many excellent apps for streaming and playing music that you can install. If you already own one, you probably use some of those apps. For example, Xunison Smart TV Boxes are not only good for streaming movies and TV shows, but they are also very convenient when it comes to listening to music. With the help of those apps, users are able to stream millions of songs and even upload their own. It is by far the best way to listen to your favorite artists. You already know that you have a wide range of fantastic apps for music lovers on Google Play Store. Well, most of them are available on Android TV Boxes. If you have an Android TV Box and you’re not using it to listen to music, you’re really missing out on a wonderful experience! On our website, you can find many great Android TV Boxes. With our Xunison Smart TV Boxes, you will be able to stream your favorite music with ease. For you, we have created a small list of the best Android TV apps for music.


Spotify – Streamer of all music

Home-Security-2spotify-xbrainSpotify is probably the most popular music streaming service in the world. Basically, it is like Netflix for music. Of course, you can use it on your Android Smart TV Box. Listen to the music you love and browse your favorite songs, albums and playlists using your TV remote, tablet or mobile phone. This app has a very nice interface which is easy to navigate. This streaming service is absolutely huge: Spotify is available in many countries across the globe and has over 100 million users. Its massive library contains over 30 million songs. You can be sure that all of your favorite artists are there – unless you are a fan of artists such as Taylor Swift, The Beatles or Garth Brooks. Also, there is the Your Music section which gives you the option to save albums and songs and that makes the overall experience even more enjoyable. You can easily find those songs later and listen to them again, it is very convenient. On Spotify, you can also follow your favorite musicians and the app will recommend you new songs everyday based on your preferences and taste. You’ll discover many new artists and songs. There is a free and a premium version that has more advantages. The free version of Spotify is excellent as well, but going premium you will get rid of the ads and you will be able to enjoy your favorite songs in higher quality. If you have the free Spotify account, the basic quality of streaming works perfectly fine. No need to worry about it. Of course, that is not the only difference, with the premium version you can also download your favorite songs and albums and listen to them offline.


Google Play Music – An Alternative to Spotify

google-xbrainGoogle Play music is considered one of the best streaming apps. It is seen as an alternative to Tidal, Spotify and Apple Music. If you don’t have it, you can easily find it on Google Play Store and get it for free. With this app, you will never get bored – there are over 20 million songs to choose from. Of course, you can also upload your own songs for free. Create your own playlists or let the app find something for you. Always find something to listen to. You can search for music based on genres, artists, release date, etc. It can be even based on your current mood. Maybe you’re feeling blue and want to listen to some fun, uplifting songs? Well, this app will find the right songs and help you feel better. Also, it is very enjoyable to use this app on your TV. The interface is very modern, it has a simple design and it is easy to navigate it. If you have the free account, you can upload up to 50 thousand songs. It’s probably even more than you actually need. Also, with the free version – you have ads when you listen to the radio. However, with the premium version you can download music and listen to it offline, get rid of the ads and you also get Youtube Red access.


Pandora Internet Radio – Discover New Music and Radio

xbrain-tvLast but not least, Pandora. If you have an Android TV Box, you should start using it as soon as possible. Pandora is a free radio streaming service and many people consider it the best app for streaming music. The chances are you have probably heard of it. The interface is pretty smooth and simple to navigate. Pandora is a great app for discovering new music and listening to radio stations for free. It allows you to create your own radio stations based on your preferences. Users provide negative or positive feedback and rate songs. You just need to press “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” and in the future Pandora will play more songs to your taste and avoid the songs that you might not like. But, the great thing is: you can always go back to The Thumb History and change your mind about the song. Of course, there are more great features: full song lyrics, artist bios and you can play music without WiFi! You can also share what you’re playing at that moment on social media websites and let your friends know about it. Follow different people and see what they like – it’s also an excellent way to discover new artists and songs. However, Pandora is not an on-demand music service. You can’t just pick the song you want to listen to and expect from this app to play it for you. Instead of that, when you type the name of the song or artist, Pandora will play you something different, but similar to it. This way, Pandora creates special radio stations, made just for you. You will not be able to count how many amazing songs you will have discovered. We can’t think of a better way to find new music.


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