Many smart home features make our lives more convenient by automating certain tasks, and even though we may not realize, they help us live more responsibly. One of the huge benefits of the X-Brain smart device is that it helps you save money, which is achieved through the smart use of our home devices (efficient energy management). It gives you the full control over every single device which is connected to it.

Besides allowing you to switch on and off any home device, whenever you want, no matter where you are, you can also achieve additional energy savings, by allowing the X-Brain to automatically take control over some devices. For example, if you let the X-Brain take care of the heating or air conditioning, this smart device will consider the electricity tariff and determinate when to turn them on or off, ensuring no energy is wasted. This way of intelligent house control can save you up to 40 percent of heating costs and air conditioning costs only.

It will enable you to manage your home appliances and to monitor their consumption. The X-Brain energy management is fully automated and operated with the help of just one click. By connecting your TV to the X-brain or by using our mobile app, you will get a complete insight into energy consumption on your screen.

If it seems to you that some device is consuming large amounts of electricity, just by clicking the “off” button you’re automatically stopping the excessive consumption. Heaters, lamp, stove, coffee machine, water heater, etc… are just some of the appliances that can be managed with just one click, by using the remote control, keyboard or mobile phone.

Saving energy is an increasingly important issue these days and with this smart device, you will halve your electricity bill, as you use every electrical device more efficiently and appropriately.

Upgrading your home doesn’t have to be difficult, and embracing the future isn’t always scary….With the X-Brain, you’ll end up with a more eco-friendly, comfortable, modern, cost-effective, and energy efficient place to live.

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