The Smart Home represents superior advanced technology. With the help of only one device, you can control your entire home. The X-Brain device is compatible with Z-Wave, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices. Control your Smart Home even while you may not be in it, control your heating, lights and much more at work or on the road the app is connected to your mobile phone or tablet. This modern and practical device will allow you to lead a better lifestyle, depending on your mood, habits, desires and needs. The X-Brain provides modern and intensive solution for those who want to have control over their home. Smart Home can be operated with a remote control, mobile phone or tablet.

Some of the benefits of having a smart home?

  • Automatic adjustment of the lighten in the house and in the garden
  • Optimum temperature setting.
  • Switching on the electrical devices and appliances in off-peak period
  • Controlling the gates, garage doors, shutters
  • Power consumption saving
  • Providing safety using the alarm system sensors and video surveillance

Automatic adjustment of the lightness in the house

Lighten is a very important detail in every house. It can make the room look romantic, playful, pleasant…Our device offers you so called “smart scene” which you create on your phone or tablet. Light in the house can be activated using a Smart Home sensors with your every move.


Power consumption saving

With our system you can have the precise insight of electricity consumption in your home. Our device will display the statistics which shows in which part of the day is your biggest consumption of energy. It can also include saving mode, reducing your monthly expenses with just one click.


Adjusting the temperature 

Control of the temperature in each room in different time intervals during the day and night is yet another one of the great opportunities that X-brain offers. Adjust the room temperature to the desired level when you are at home, or lower it to save energy when you are away or asleep. You can additionally mechanize your home’s temperature with the help of smart sensors. X-brain will automatically increase the temperature if it falls below the set point.


Providing safety using the alarm system

Our intelligent technology gives you maximum security for your home. You can access the camera via your mobile phone and monitor the situation in the house wherever you are. If the alarm is activated, you will be directly notified and you’ll have access through the cameras to find out what exactly triggered the alarm at specific moment.

X-Brain will save energy in your home, improve the quality of housing, increase security and provide the perfect enjoyment for you and your family. That is why the X-brain is the best solution for your home.

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