Xunsion proudly presents the X-Brain smart device which proves that investing in the right solutions can transform your lifestyle and save you money. To its customers it primarily provides comfort, ease, savings, and the excess time for family and fun. We’ve entered an era where we all expect to have information at our fingertips, and that is one of the biggest advantages of the X-Brain smart home..

Provides security of the entire household, remotely communicates with the “boss “ and provides energy savings. X-Brain turns an ordinary house into a smart home. The smart home is not a necessity of life, but it can change the relationship you have with your house, impact your day-to-day life in a positive way, and ultimately make your life easier.

Controlling the devices, dimming the lights, creating light effects, safety, control of air conditioning, etc… – it is no longer a matter of luxury but the need in our daily lives. This device will fully take care of your home and will become an indispensable part of your family. You will be able to control your home via mobile phone, tablet or remote control

You can also monitor what’s happening in your home, even when you’re not present. X-Brain provides a quick and easy control of all appliances that are connected to it via Bluetooth, or Z-Wave. Even when you’re not at home, you can communicate with your family members, and watch over them, which is certainly the ideal thing in case you have small children or elderly family members.

Protection of your property and safety of the family members are the top priorities. With the smart sensors you will be informed on time if there is any danger. From making sure your windows or garage doors are closed  when you’re not home, to letting you know if a water leak or a smoke is detected, smart sensors give you a little extra peace of mind about your home so you can focus more on living. You can also connect video cameras to the X-Brain to monitor the house and yard. Due to constantly increasing energy costs, the monitoring of energy consumption is one of the most important features of the smart home. With this smart device you’ll have the display of consumption of each device separately, and at all times you will be able to turn off the biggest consumers.

People do not purchase the X-Brain because it makes their homes more luxurious, but because it is the ideal solution for the whole family. Experience how it makes your everyday life a little easier to manage. Smart home is a smart choice of a smart person! 

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