Each year the elderly around become a year older, and in most cases less able, because they are our loved ones this becomes worrying to us. Now a walk to the park, or a trip to the local store is not so easy – even a couple of steps in the house or apartment can become a real struggle. Sometimes we are unable to care for them dealing with our own daily life. What’s sad is the elderly know that their independence lessens with each passing day, but they never loose their pride, and most times don’t want to become a burden to their children. We all find it difficult to be separated from our loved ones. Wouldn’t it be great to feel like they are just a click of a button away –  Let their golden years be filled with joy and security, spent with their children and grandchildren. With every day life like working, school runs etc it can be hard to make as much time for the elderly in your life – as much as you want to spend all your time with them you have other responsibilities such as kids of your own. This is where the X-Brain comes in. Keep track of your loved ones, check in on them with the smart home camera, video chat the X-Brain can even remind them to take their medication (at the times you can’t of course)

You can also gain access to control of the appliances in the home – keep them safe by making sure an oven hasn’t been left on, make sure the door is locked, you can even make sure they make it up stairs to bed safely at night. The list of installing an X-Brain in your elderly parents home is endless.

The X-Brain becomes the hub of the home

and works by communicating with devices allowing you to control them from wherever you may be. It manages the lighting, heating, air conditioning, television, computer, audio and video systems, security cameras and other devices. You can become in control for the less able. Supervision and management of different systems will improve the quality of their lifestyle and of course yours by relieving you of stress.

If your parent has difficulties with mobility, now they will feel more independent by not relying on having you with them all the time. With smart home security cameras, you will have an insight in what your kids are doing, and the oldest members of your family too. The X-Brain is a great solution to monitor the elderly, sick, immobile, and people with special needs.

By purchasing the X-Brain devices people with physical disabilities can stay completely alone in their home. Remote control of all devices in the home is of paramount importance for the elderly who would not be able to function normally in their home without help. Via mobile phone or remote control they will be able to turn on and turn off the light, unlocks the door, raise the blinds, regulate the temperature in their place. They can do all of this from the comfort of their chair. Smart homes clearly have the ability to make life easier.

Let your parents feel the security, love and affection. Give them back their independence. X-Brain is the perfect solution for them to live out their old -age peacefully without having to feeling like a burden on their loved ones, right?

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