Let’s get smart about energy consumption

Energy management has become an important and complex field, as the global environment changes and new technologies evolve, we need to be taking all possible opportunities to save energy, which further requires new solutions to be delivered.

With power being the biggest cost for both commercial and residential facilities, effective energy management is more important than ever before, both for businesses, individuals and the planet as a whole.

Intelligent energy management

Energy management is defined as the process of controlling, monitoring and conserving energy. X-Brain smart device will do all that for you. Allowing you to see exactly how much electricity each device in your home consumes – (you’ll have it displayed on your TV or smartphone). You’ll be surprised by the amount of needless energy consumption when a certain device is left turned on with no reason.

With X-Brain smart device and its energy management feature, you will have the power to prevent wasting of electricity. The power to turn off large consumers with just one touch really sounds tempting, doesn’t it? This way you will save your money without sacrificing your comfort.




An example of one day with X-Brain in your home

An hour before it’s time to wake up, the heating system turns on. You don’t feel cold while getting up from your warm and comfortable bed. At 8 o’clock, when it’s time to go to work, heating is turned off as well as all the other devices that are connected to the X-Brain, by one simple click.

This way, you do not have to worry about whether some of the devices remained switched on when you left the premises. If any alarming situation occurs while no one is present (such as fires or floods), X-Brain notifies you via SMS or e-mail, giving you the possibility to react on time.

An hour before returning home from work, heating turns on again. If there are any changes in your schedule, you can turn on heating earlier or later, via mobile phone.

And at night, when it’s time to relax, lights will dim, the TV will turn on without using the remote control, and you will be able to enjoy peacefully your favorite movie or TV series.

If some guests show up, lights will intensify, and when you go to bed, TV, lighting and all other devices will switch off automatically at the set time, which will significantly save energy and money.

Why does it matter?


Due to its energy management feature, X-Brain smart home device contributes up to 30 % savings

To be precise, this innovative solution connects with almost all devices in your home, office or building and controls them. This means that it’s possible for you to control lighting, electrical outlets, heating, air conditioning, shutters, awnings, alarm system …by using your phone, tablet or a TV. The only condition is that a certain device has Bluetooth, Z wave or Wifi connection.

You can set up scenes, based on which certain parts of the premises will cool down or heat up only when there is a need for it.  At the same time, you can ensure that this timetable is flexible, that it modifies according to the actual use of space.

You will have organized and systematic management of energy use in your home, office or a building and satisfy both environmental and economic requirements. Companies across the world are turning to energy management as a means to reduce their huge operating costs. By saving the energy, we contribute to preserving our planet, and at the same time, saving energy makes good business sense.

You don’t need to hire experts to do your measurements and calculations. X-Brain will be your partner, and he takes very seriously the issues of energy efficiency. It doesn’t matter if you’re businessmen or a housewife, or if you own a building, a house or a cottage… X-Brain is equally available and suitable for everyone.

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