The countdown to Christmas is a very special time you can help but feel the Christmas spirit. People around the world are becoming euphoric and excited about something new, better and different, a joyful spirit is in the air. And when the streets start to become colorful, this sparkly euphoria slowly seeps into our homes. We buy new decorations and carefully come up with a new look for our Christmas tree. Children are especially looking forward to this family ritual, which brings together all family members, from the youngest to the oldest!


What would the holidays be without dazzling Christmas tree? X-Brain is here to make all that magic all the more interesting. Connect the light bulbs to a smart socket and by using X-Brain device control the light bulbs on your Christmas tree. This device lets you manage devices that are connected to the X-Brain, remotely, via mobile phone, tv, or by voice.

Create a custom schedule for your lamp modules from your X-Brain smart device. It’s easy! Under the Custom Actions setting, create a custom schedule for your lights and select the outlets for when you would like them to turn on/off to keep your home looking merry and bright.

With this device, you’ll achieve significant savings in energy consumption. Now, when you have decorated the whole house, transformed it into real fairytale home, you’re wondering if your electricity bill will go through the roof.

With X-Brain, you can adjust the exact time of switching on and off of all light decoration. Also, via the mobile app, you can control all those Christmas lights. When you approaching the house, one-click will be enough to put all this magic in motion, and when you leave it will all shut down.

Let the X-Brain take care of your New Year’s lighting and you will see significant results in electricity savings. Spend this holidays carefree, in happiness and joy, because spreading positive energy and joy is what makes the New Year and Christmas holidays magical!