Smart home is safe for you, your children and pets. If you want to make their homes efficient, comfortable and more secure you will be interested in the X-Brain smart home. The X-Brain controls and monitors various systems in your home In order to increase safety and provide energy savings. As one saying goes “Worry less, care more”. We also know that parenthood brings a lot of obligations and requires more of your attention, but not to worry, X-Brain smart home will greatly help.

What can the x brain actually do for you?

• Enables management of security systems, remotely.
• Audio visual surveillance of your children and pets, even when you’re not in the room
• managing devices in the home, which saves electricity and allows better organization
• Automation of various devices
• Adjusting the lighting according to your needs
• Cyber security for safe access to the internet
X-Brain home cinema for superb entertainment
• Controlling the temperature in your home


X-Brain is particularly important because it provides you the opportunity to restrict your children the access to certain devices in your home, such as a computer, TV and other dangerous electrical devices. Children are growing fast, you should pay attention and monitor their behavior, especially at early age. Excessively watching TV or playing games on the computer and phone, affect negatively the mental development of the child.

Controlling the temperature in the house is quite useful option for parents. During wintertime, while the children are on winter vacation, it is possible to set the temperature in their rooms to a minimum, while the temperature in the other rooms of your house remains optimal. At a given time, the system automatically turns on the heating in children’s rooms in order to reach optimal temperature when they return.

X-Brain helps parents to monitor and control almost all aspects of their home. These include security systems, lighting, audio-visual systems etc. Through cameras you’ll always know what your child is doing.

It is often said that being a parent is the hardest and the most demanding job in the world. You will slowly master the skills of parenthood, but the first step towards becoming a “super parent” is purchasing the X-Brain smart home. Give your children a safe, comfortable and warm home and let them enjoy your company. Don’t let anything steal your precious time, get your X-brain device and enjoy!


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