Enjoy “4 in 1” smart sensor, compatible with X-Brain.

It detects:
1) Movement
2) Illumination
3) Temperature
4) Doors-windows, whether they are open or closed

“4 in 1” sensor is connected to the X-Brain via Z wave. X-Brain enables display of the sensor readings over the TV, or mobile app. It is suitable for use in facilities that require intelligent control and energy savings, it’s equally applicable in commercial and residential buildings.

Expand your possibilities regarding the control and monitoring of your home, by setting X-Brain smart sensor for doors / windows. The smart sensor detects if the windows/ doors are open or closed. With X-Brain even your forgetfulness is no longer a problem, in case you left the window or door open, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone.

Motion sensor will be a great addition to your smart home, but most importantly, it will make your home secured. When motion is detected, the motion sensor automatically activates the X-Brain and notifies the user that someone is in the house. In this way you can prevent burglars and intruders, because you will be able to react immediately and protect your family. Or, if you are at work and your children are home alone, motion sensor will let you know exactly in which room they are.

Light sensor detects the nightfall and automatically switches the lights on, and with the sunrise, lights switch off.

Temperature sensors allow you to measure the temperature in each room. If the temperature in the room is above or below the desired temperature, sensors will detect that and notify the user about the change.

X-Brain also has the possibility of creating a “smart scenes”. The user has full control over the “smart scene” and determines the exact time when will the “scene” start.

You may think that it’s magical, when you see for the first time the display of the sensor readings. The real magic begins with X-Brain smart scenes. Smart scenes are just one of many features that X-Brain has, which allow you to have full control over your entire home with just one click.You can create smart scenes very easily, with the help of X-Brain and Smart Home app. We’ll give you a few examples.

1. If (IF) the temperature sensor detects lower temperature than the one you’ve set, heating will turn on automatically

2. If the temperature sensor detects higher temperature than the one you’ve set, air conditioning will turn on.

3. If the door / window is open, you can simply just be notified, but if it is opened in a certain forbidden time period (say from 1 am till 5 am) the siren will turn on, and activate the alarm.

4. If Illumination Sensor detects that the percentage of light in your house is less than a certain value (e.g. 10%) it can automatically turn on the lights, or if it is higher – it can turn off the lights

5. If PIR (Motion Sensor) detects any movement in your apartment, it will notify you over the phone, or if the movement happens at a certain forbidden time period (say from 1 am till 5 am) it can turn on all the lights, alarms, start camera recording…

Many experts believe that these devices, with all their possibilities, are the future when it comes to security and control of the home.

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