The Internet is all around us. In our homes, hotels, cafes, shopping centers, schools….A fast and stable Internet connection is simply imposed as an obligation nowadays. We perform very important tasks over the Internet. We conduct business calls,pay our bills, listen to school lectures, order products…and we often use the Internet as a pastime. But all of this wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have routers in our homes. A router is a small device that sends data between two networks, and enables Internet access.

Before buying any router, you must pay attention to the different possibilities that it offers you. First of all a router must be stable, fast and effective. A router has to meet some criteria, such as: high speed, excellent range as well as the safety of users on the Internet. Routers that are currently on the market often cannot meet all your expectations, so you end up being forced to pay for additional protection measures.

We offer you the ideal solution without the need of purchasing any additional devices. W offer you X-Brain which contains a router and the router security hub, all in one.

User Interface for Router

Key advantages of X-Brain router are:

– High speed Internet
– Router security ( antivirus, firewall)
– Superb users interface
– Dual band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi)
– 4G SIM slot
– A large number of modes
– Device manager (you can see who is connected to your network in every moment)

You’ve probably had a situation where your WiFi signal gets weaker or you loose it completely in some areas of the house. With X-Brain you will never come across such a problem, because it is specially designed to provide a strong WiFI signal. Wherever you place it, your home will be entirely covered with the internet connection.

X-Brain contains several modes:

-Through Wall mode (ensures that stronger signal is being sent through the walls)
-Sleep mode (while you are a sleep, signal decreases and it leads to savings of energy)

X-Brain also contains a 4G SIM card slot that will allow you even faster and more efficient access to the Internet. All you need is a 4G SIM card and a good mood for surfing the Internet.

X-Brain with 4G SIM Slot

X-Brain guarantees your safety, and a strong and stable Internet connection.

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