Wouldn’t it be magical to have all the appliances you use every day in the household work harmoniously? With the help of just one central device, you will be able to control all devices that are connected to it and you will turn your house into a smart home. X-Brain smart device will actually improve and simplify your former way of life.

It will make some important changes in your life and will give you a lot of free time. Until now, you had to control each device and system individually and manually, which can be time-consuming, especially if you have a bigger house. X-Brain was made to improve your life, to ensure you enjoy each day to the fullest.

By using the remote control, phone or tablet, with just one click you can regulate heating, air-conditioning, lighting, etc… and switch on/off all devices connected to the X-Brain. All this can be done in any room of the house even if you are miles away from it.

X-Brain smart device saves your money

For example, on your way home from work, you can set the desired temperatures so that by the time you get home, everything is already set according to your preference, or by using “scenes” divide your house into zones so that certain rooms in the house that you don’t use are not being heated. This way you will save a lot

You will take full control over the energy consumption in your home. X-Brain will halve your electricity bills and simplify your daily chores. It will enable you to manage all devices in your home, and by connecting your TV with the X-Brain or by using our mobile app you will get a complete insight in their energy consumption on your screen. If you feel that some devices consume large amounts of electricity you can turn them off immediately with just one click.

By using the X-Brain energy management you control the largest energy consumers in the house such as heating, cooling, lighting and various household appliances. With X-Brain system, besides making your life easier you achieve also energy savings as you use energy more efficiently and appropriately. For more informations contact us at sales@xunison.com or visit www.xunison.com

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